Stelvio Quad 2018

Been eyeing the Stelvio Quad for past month. Finally got a dealer with only first month , bank and tags down. 36/30k, for 1050/month , NY tax rolled in. 43% residual. MF .00094

Really want to be at 930/month. Unreasonable?

Absolutely love the car. Never paid that much per month for MSRP of 83k. Thinking about buying instead.

I’m about to make an emotional decision Vs the correct financial one :smile:


That sounds good for the Stelvio Quadrifoglio. I ran some numbers in Feb for them but best deal I could see happening was about 1000-1100p/m with nothing down, and they were spit ball numbers.

Did you check what incentives apply? What MSRP and discount percentage from the dealer are you at?

Check this thread with $999 and $999 + DMV at signing on Quad in Chicago

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I wouldn’t buy, if the Giulia is anything to go by, the depreciation hit will be steep. 2017 Giulia quads are around 50 with like 10-20k miles.

That first year of the Giulia Quadrifoglio was a skewed year though due to the initial problems and the number of lemon law or should-have-been lemon lawed Giulia Quads that flooded the market. I remember last year I was considering the Giulia Quad vs BMW M3 Comp DCT vs Merc C63S and looked extensively on the used market for 2017s and only the Merc tended to track at slightly higher prices.

The residuals on the Giulia and Stelvio Quads are definitely lower than in reality, assuming no accidents.

They didn’t give me what i’m paying after discount, but purchase option after lease 36.4k so calculated prob getting it at 73.5k

That sounds like a pretty good deal. Reach out to Justin Sutton ( from Auto Express Alfa Romeo Of Erie. He quoted $1088 on a Quad lease 36/10k miles with ZERO due at signing. You will have to add your taxes for NY. I confirmed all fees and 1st month payment included in that number, so truely nothing down. It was $13700 off MSRP(which he did not give me),but said it was loaded in Competition Red. My wife wanted black. So that was that :frowning:

$999 a month with nothing due (Without tax) if you would like a quote using your current tax rate, please email, text, or call me @ 814-504-0544-------- [](mailto:jsutton_aepeach@ Justin Sutton and I work at Auto Express Alfa Romeo Of Erie. I got some news today that Alfa was going to be a little more aggressive with the Quad lease so I put together a 36 month, 10k miles a year lease with ZERO due at signing, but I didn’t add taxes (Depends where you’re from).

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By the way, that copy and paste below is from Justin when they were running Quad deals in February. That $999 per month, and zero down at signing was not real. He confirmed it was a mistake from Alpha and had no idea how they got to that number. But what he quoted me was still a very good deal as I mentioned above.

So I got the Car!!
Picked it up a week ago. Things an absolute beast and starting counting down minutes after work to commute home :slight_smile:

This is how I did.

Ultimately, I knew i wasn’t going to get a killer deal - even though in a way I did, as almost every dealer was quoting in the 1200-1300 range per month.

The dealer i got it from actually told me not to share their name as they took a hit on the car, and don’t anticipate replicating it. Sometimes a little persistence, pays off :slight_smile:

The residual is really that low for a performance Compact crossover in the US? Never would have thought a Quad was that low.

Good job on the lease. Seems like a decent deal considering the RV.

The Dealer responded to that exact statement, when I made it: “These cars are meant to be abused, and their residual reflects that” Gotta say he’s right. I’ve hit 3.55 seconds 0-60.

I’m not surprised. Alfa vehicle values on the used market are in the dumpster - while your sales person may have been right, Alfa is doing horribly and the residuals reflect that.

Looks like a good deal for that car.

That doesn’t explain how OTHER performance variants of cars from other manufacturers have better residuals. M3/M4/X5M/X6M/RS5/C63/GLC63 etc…

Maybe it has more to do with the fact that it’s an Alfa performance car.

Hopefully your car won’t spend too much time in the shop and more time on the road.

I deff hear that re: residual.

Ultimately I knew I wasn’t going to buy, and the only thing that came close for a performance car of this caliber - and still practical as a primary family vehicle, was the Porsche cayenne turbo S in the $1700 month range.

I am a little wary of it being in the shop, but once I saw it in person and drove it, I happily signed up for the risk.

hard to argue that this is not the best bang for your buck performance wise currently.

Not even a Macan Turbo S?

GLC63S? I doubt you’d be able to get that for the price you pay for Stelvio though…

Great video on youtube with a heads up of the two. quad faster

yeah…deff not same price. But slower as well.

Was 0-60 time the only consideration for your purchase?

It’s subjective, of course, but I agree with Top Gear and many other publications on it. The Macan Turbo may be slightly slower at 3.5 vs 3.3, but I prefer the superior engineering and refinement of the Macan and improved handling prowess.

I digress… I don’t want you to think that I don’t like the car you leased; I love it. I just like geeking out over these cars.

You will have an absolute blast carving corners in the Quad. You keep the Quad, I’ll take the Macan Turbo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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