Stelvio Lease Offer (Texas)


Been shopping around for a few months now and finally found what I think is a fairly reasonable lease offer.
Just wanted to get some second opinions on the quote before I move forward
Car is fully optioned except for pano sunroof and harmon kardon sound

Stelvio Ti Sport
24 Mos
MSRP: $51,340
Sales Price: $41,133 (After rebate))
Rate: .22% (Buy Rate)
Residual: 61
Miles per Yr: 10,000
Taxes: 512.00
Down: 0 just first payment
Monthly payment: $482.67 (due at signing)
Money factor: $31,317.40


you can do better than $482, I would target below $450

That’s a good deal, but can probably get it to $450p/m. It’s not just that they’re giving him 20% but also tax credits which is another ~$2.5k saved.

alright thanks for the input. also first time leaser so any warranties or things they’re going to try to tack on last minute that may or may not be worth it?

You are doing a 24/12 i wouldn’t buy any extra crap.

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okay so when i went to the dealer they ran my credit and stated i didnt qualify for their “s-tier” credit which is what they quoted me the price at and came back with $557/month and $0 down.

are they just doing a bait and switch because they seem to say that rate is what the bank is giving me? which must be the MF? (also my credit score came out as like 755)

That score is good enough for tier S ask the F&I guy to get it bumped up to Tier S if not i would walk. The Stelvio is a interesting looking Suv but i wouldn’t pay almost $600 a month for it.

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