Stacking GM promotions?

So the lease support on the bolt went down $1K, but on autobytel I see a new promotion. 4750 for “down payment assistance”.

I assume this is not stackable on a lease, but figure its not a stupid question to ask.

The follow up question would be is is stackable on a purchase? (i.e. could osmeone combine the 8500 customer cash, the 4750 down payment assistance and the 1500 loyalty to knock a bolt purchase down 15K?)

According to truecar, you can’t stack it.

May not be combinable with other incentives. See dealer for details. Expires 04/30/2020

This incentive may not be combined with the following incentives: 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Consumer Cash. May not be available on all Bolt EV styles.

does “may not be combinable” mean it can’t be? i.e. “may not be combined” i’d read as such, but “may not be combinable, see dealer for details” isn’t as tight language.

guess have to ask a dealer

Down Payment Assistance CANNOT be used on leases. It’s only valid when you FINANCE through GM Financial.

yes, i assumed that. i was wondering if it was combinable with the 8500 normal customer cash purchase incentive and the 1500 loyalty (that i think is good for purchases as well but correct me if im wrong). yes, slightly out of scope of this forum, but id think some might know?

My B I’m blind today it seems and didn’t see you mentioned purchase. You can’t stack it. It’s either the $8500 for cash/non GM Financial financing or 0% + $4750 through GM Financial.

oh well, would have considered a purchase if they stacked.