Sq5 premium plus (sportback) vs. BMW X4 m40i

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Location: NJ

I looking to make my decision within the next 2.5 weeks.

I was sold on the SQ5 Sportback Premium Plus for months. I just knew that was the SUV I wanted.

Then this past weekend, I decided to take a look at BMW. I’ve never been a BMW person and, after this weekend I can officially say that, I’m torn. I really like the X4 m40i.

I can get pretty much all of the same features in both vehicles. Audi seems to be about 5k more than the BMW I built on the website.

I have solid Fico Auto Scores
TU- 745
EQ- 736

I’m confident I will qualify for Tier 1 with both Audi & BMW. I do qualify for BMW’s military incentives due to my husband being in the veteran.

Should I just use a broker, and just let him/her work out the best deal & make my final decision based off the numbers ?

An X4M40i is going to be hundreds of dollars per month more, I’d say minimum $250/mo more, than the SQ5.

X4M40i is one of the hardest to get BMW allocations aside from X6’s.

The odds of getting a good discount on an X4M40i are small, the odds of a good discount on an SQ5 are high.

This is something I can help with for either car, but just keep in mind that you’re going to need to REALLY love the BMW to pay that much more for it.


That means nothing.

What’s the total lease cost for either in the Marketplace ?

I havent got that far yet. I just built a make/model online, was given a base price based on what I had built.I then sent in a request to test drive both vechiles.

One BMW dealership responded stating they aren’t manufacturing anymore x4 's, had no x2’s in stock & only have x1’s in stock at the moment.

I then heard from another BMW dealership, they have both the x2 & x4 in stock. I’m going to let the broker run numbers after I test drive all three vechiles and see who can give me a better deal.

I probably should test drive a SQ5, I test drove a regular Q5 about 2 months ago.

I am going to say that the SQ5 will be around $700 and the X4 M40i is going to be around $925. Easily $200/mo more for the BMW.

So if money matters to you this one is a no brainer if you like both.

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