Sponsoring Leasehackr via Marketplace Bidding

Dear Leasehackr Community,

We would like to make a quick announcement: starting tomorrow, we will trial-run a new feature suggested by some community members for sellers to bid for one of the top three spots in each Marketplace region. We hope this feature would provide an extra avenue for dealers and brokers to grow their presence and for Leasehackr to raise a small fund for its site maintenance. All proceeds from this bi-weekly auction will go to the Leasehackr Tech Fund.

Thank you for your support!

The Leasehackr Team


I like the idea but I think a paid system would go further and help everyone have a fair chance. The likely chance of a small time seller outbidding a premier seller is very slim, especially if that seller is new. If there is a paid function, Iā€™m sure we would get a nice waitlist with rotation of different brands.

Maybe we can use the trial run to find out a good starting price for the spots.


Great Idea lets see how it goes.