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Since many of us don’t live in SoCal or on the East coast, many of these deals don’t apply to us. It would be much easier to sort through the posts , deals, and comments if these were arranged by geographical location. For example, deals only for the West coast could be placed under ‘West Coast’, deals and comments only for NY, could be under ‘East Coast’ and deals for the Midwest could be under ‘Midwest’.

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Most people here are willing to travel to get a good deal, no?


I agree that I would travel for a deal, but within the east coast region. I doubt most folks would travel outside a region, unless they border.

I think if members would use tags more appropriately, it would make searching easier for everyone. But unfortunately we have many new users who dig out a deal from 3mos or more old and want to repeat it, when it almost never can.

Many of those newer members will post and not mention their region, state, city etc, and people will quickly ask for that info. The forum is only as good as its members, and we’re attracting too many new members who won’t do the reading and research that’s already spelled out numerous times.


Is this forum really ready for an East Coast/West Coast Feud?


True -but a lot of, if not most, deals don’t apply nationally. Take SoCal leases - most state Cali only. So to someone in the Midwest, they area waste of time.
Furthermore, most brokers don’t deal outside their areas. And most brokers on here only deal in California.


Many deals are also one-offs that someone walking into the same dealership as you couldn’t get either.

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You can filter via tags. If you click on a tag below the post, you would be able to see those posts under that region

For example, I can look at NY posts in market place

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One solution for us the poor souls from nowhere would be only to allow deals without a region limitations (haha) as long as you show up in person and take care of the transport/drive. There is no reason why one dealer in California CAN do it and other refuses.


There are plenty of reasons why one dealer might do one thing while the next won’t do the same.


I wouldn’t split by region for the following reasons:

Every manufacturer splits regions differently so matching up incentives by region on LH would never match up, creating a situation where someone won’t see deals because they’re in AZ for example, and one manufacturer lists it as West and another as Southwest and LH has it as West.

As someone previously mentioned, we can just use tags, by region and by state. AZ for example would get tags West, Southwest and AZ.

There are also manufacturers that price things nationally so breaking it up by region would be detrimental.

Last point, brokers and dealers are welcome but they are a small facet of the community, the biggest single thing we do here is educate to replicate.


This is really what we’re about. LH isn’t the classifieds


I don’t know about the software this forum uses but if you can sort to view by tags, for example just the “so-cal” posts, can’t you hide all the posts that are tagged with “so-cal”?


How much will be left…


Instead of splitting it by region, I think it would be a good idea to add a filter system. It could be filtered by State, Brand, Model etc. (There would have to be a system or a form of some kind to fill out when you post so all this info could be used correctly) and it would help sort what you’re looking for.


That’s not my point. My point is having to sort through posts (Not deals) to get to relevant posts for the Midwest whether they are from fellow leasehackrs, dealers, brokers, etc
Whether a deal is still available for us Midwesterners is irrelevant.


you can do that too. search all categories and filter

may be we can add more tags for more states and that should help


You should be able to add new tags at any time. They aren’t predefined. I think (I have the ability to but am not sure if that’s for all users or just for moderators).


I think it would be better to create a table/chart with all relevant deal info and zip code of dealer. Then you actually start to collect the data and create value out of it - I can do all sorts of fun stuff if I had that :slight_smile:


All my deals are national! :kissing_heart:

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