Southern California Lease Deals

Hey! I’ve been reading this forum for the past 2 weeks trying to find some decent deals in my area. After reading the blog posts it looks like I’ve missed out on some great offers (e.g. the Elantra, the iM). I have a couple appointments coming up with Kia and Hyundai in LA and OC, and I want to compete with the best online offers I can find. What I’m looking for are:

  • Located in Southern California. I’m okay with driving from Los Angeles, Orange County (anywhere), and even Corona/Rancho Cucamonga area since I have family there
  • High residual value. I think I’ve been looking at Honda Fit, Kia Soul, and maybe even an Elantra or Optima. Open to suggestions on other good options!
  • Backup camera (usually found on sport or lx trims)
  • 10k/24 or 10k/36, this car will be a local commuter car (averaging 10 miles a day maybe less).
  • Hoping for a ~$150/mo lease!!!

Here are some decent deals I’ve found, but I need to research MSRPs with competing offers to bring the price lower:

  • Kia Forte $169/mo $0 down $0 deposit
  • 2016 Fit LX $169/mo $500 due

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Some points about Kia:

The won’t do 10k miles on a 24 month lease, but it looks like a 36 month lease is much cheaper anyway.

They have a great payment calculator on their website, which shows available lease cash.

I would bet you could get a 2017 Forte S for $160, maybe less if dealers are discounting heavily.