Southern California Chevrolet Deals!

I actually have a dealer in SoCal that will actually help with all this stuff, but please only if you live in SoCal and are actually trying to get a Chevrolet.

He will verify all the rebates and go over programs, his discounts have always been bigger than any other I have found in the area. I thought I would help by making it easy for Chevy buyers in SoCal.

If you want respond to this with your questions and what you are trying to do and I can have him respond with what is and isn’t and what he can get done for you!

I am looking for a 2017 Volt (Base) lease. Preferable $0 drive off.

So with no money at signing as in the dealer is covering all driveoffs including DMV tax on rebates - EVERYTHING

MSRP $34155

10k a year 36 month 243+taxis 262.88 if you do not qualify for the lease rebate of $500

10k and 36 month if you DO qualify for the lease rebate then 229.32+tax is 247.67
12k is 257.xx after tax
15k 277.97 after tax

you still keep the state rebate and this is using standard CA rebates nothing fancy with OC taxes of 8%

I hope that helped

If you have more questions I think he did like a $3600 discount and .0004 MF with 6860 if you didnt qualify and 7360 if you did and covered all driveoff by rolling back into the deal

If you pay the 1300 in driveoffs then it reduces the payment by like 40$ a month

This is very helpful. Thank you rpittner

I’m looking for a one pay lease on a Chvey Spark EV. I’m trying to stay at or below $4k. Is that possible?

ok so the problems you will face are these…
there are only a very few of the BASE model 1LT Spark EV’s left in SoCal, I am counting about 3 of them
Almost all of them have the quick Charge Option and the 2LT with the Faux Leather interior.

So you would need a MSRP of 25995 and on top of that you would need for the dealer to discount the car either 1500$ and have a bonus tag or have them discount it 2000 which probably will not happen since there are so few.

I would recommend being a little more realistic if you like the car. if you shoot for 4500 or 4750 you will probably get your car and then get the rebate of 2500 from the state and wow thats an inexpensive vehicle!

The problem is the options make almost all of the cars 27135 which means 1140 of extra equipment and since the residual is only 40% at 36 months and 10k you have 456 on most of the cars left unaccounted for.
Only dealers with inventory deal, remember that!

are there any good lease deals on a camaro 2lt or 2ss? ive been looking at them the past few months and it looks like alot of dealers have them heavily discounted now. should be good lease numbers