Southeast Toyota Finance lease question

Leased a 2018 Tundra about a year and a half ago now and the lease payoff amount hasn’t changed since when we first signed on it. Example, say we signed on it and the lease payoff was 40k dollars at signing, and a year and a half later that amount hasn’t changed, decreased, etc.

However, with my 2019 Accord lease, my payoff amount drops with each payment I make.

Any ideas on why?

Have you been making your payments? :joy:

Isn’t it obvious that you should call SETF and ask them?


That was funny.
OP where are you seeing this payoff amount? Online account, statements ?

@RockyStadiumToyota maybe might know??

Is it possible your deal was so great that net cap cost was within a few dollars of the RV. In essence you are practically just paying the rent charge every month