South Florida 2018 Infiniti QX60 FWD Premium Plus Driver Assist Theatre $52995 MSRP 39mo/10k $395 plus tax with VPP and $1350 MSD

South Florida, I just signed a 39mo/10k 2018 Infiniti QX60 FWD Premium, Premium Plus, Driver Assist, Theatre Package $52995 MSRP $395 plus tax with VPP and $1350 MSD, first pmt and tag due at signing ($850).



Oh btw, i sold the RX350 F Sport to, transaction was incredible, submitted the vehicle details online, received their offer the next day, no one came to inspect the vehicle. They verified payoff with LFS, sent us the sale documents to sign, we sent them signed back, two days later the truck showed up, took the Lexus, because it happened before 1 pm they wired the positive equity money to our account and they mailed the check to Lexus for the lease payoff. Incredible transaction.

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Hey Euro,

Do you mind sending me the dealer info? Thanks.

they wouldn’t allow more than 3 MSDs? was interest already so low?

Coconut Creek Infiniti

I think it was down to 0.0009

MF changed from 0.00085 to 0.0039 for July, along with a 2% residual drop, so not as many MSDs needed to drive interest rate down.

Congrats! Thats a nice payment !

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