Sonata limited $250/month

Below is a copy of the email I sent to a dealer with an offer they accepted. I think I should have started lower. Think I can do better?

Here is the payment I calculated for the black sonata limited stock# H171349. I am swapping out a sonata with three months left but on a pull forward offer from HMF so there are no payments to roll into this lease. Again, my zip is 17236 and I have a 780 FICO. I can get the car Saturday morning.


Sale:$25032 (based off you advertised discount)

Acquisition fee $595

Residual 53%

MF .00085

rebates: $3250 lease cash + $1000 uber

doc $689.20

PA tags approx $150


That’s a very standard lease price for the Sonata… as in, you’re getting the same deal as everyone else who walks into the dealership. I’m not surprised they accepted immediately lol.

They’re desperate to move Sonatas, though they’re trying to sell them rather than lease them. I’m not sure how much bargaining power you’ll have with a lease, but I think you ought to get that payment down to ~$220.

Or just buy it if you really like it. I’m sure they’ll sell it to you for <$19,000 less rebates you qualify for. I think $8,750 is their current standard incentive on the Limited.

I agree its a better month to buy for sure. Same car can be purchased for $315/month 72months. The rebate to purchase is just $6000 + $750 to finance at 4.8%. But no one is walking into a dealer and getting quoted $250/month on a limited or even a sport for that matter. Not in my area anyways. $230/month would be nice but thats another 1K off the MSRP which is a 16% dealer discount. The first dealer I tried this with wouldn’t touch it. Wouldn’t go less than $270. I guess my point is I don’t think 16% off is doable this month because they are selling well, at least in the base Limited without the tech or ultimate packages. I might try to get one with the tech/ultimate package for $250/month, that would be a sweet deal. Wish I could get a Genesis for $240 like you but that deal is as dead as my dad’s nickle cheeseburger.

On the Honcker app I see a ton of Limiteds ($28-29k MSRP) for $250/mo, so part of my assumption was based on that. I do like the Sonata a lot but feel like Hyundai are notorious for big markdowns - you may just not have found the right dealership yet. For some reason I thought the discount was a little higher than it was, haha. But even still it doesn’t seem too unrealistic to get a low $200 payment. Maybe things will change in June/July.

Give it some time for the Genesis - I feel like next month they’ll mark them down again. Still a ton left on lots and they’re already receiving 2018 inventory. And virtually nothing changes between each model year.

I would love to get a genesis for $250 but can’t see it happening. Are you west coast? I have new york honcker app prices and the lowest limited listed is $297 with $1253 due at signing for 12k/36months.

Just saw this. Keep your eyes peeled. From what I’ve seen I don’t think they’re moving inventory all that quickly, so I could see them doing some bigger markdowns again this summer.

Base limiteds without the hideous beige interior are hard to find (at least in the midwest); here is the inventory tool:

IMO, sub 250 should be doable on the 28.5k msrp car; i just can’t find one…

I was going to take the deal on a black one with beige interior(i don’t mind it) over labour day weekend, but they sold out. Most of the ones i see are either black or blue with the beige. This is around DC. But there are not many. With $6,750 off a $28k car and dealers readily discounting another $2500 they are selling fast. I think the deals will be on the tech or ultimate packages which aren’t selling well, but we may not see those deals for another couple months.