Something off about this deal?

2016 BMW 528xi MSRP $56k, sale $49k
mf: .001734
$5k down ???

pmt = $560ish.

I get $560 without the cap cost.

OK, so they have market up your MF.
Ask them for a break down of your drive offs and also don’t put anything down other than drive offs and perhaps paying the acquisition fee upfront.

The payment seems very high.

What do you mean marked up? you mean that’s not the norm?

I have an 824 credit score so that shouldn’t get me a high MF.

the pmt was also exclusive of tax.

0.00134 is the correct MF for that car, so the dealer has marked it up to make more money out of you.

Here is how it should look based on your numbers. This is with LA Tax at 8.75%

where did you get the 63% residual?

and I the dealer told me .00174 on the MF, I am hoping the sales guy gave me old numbers.

is your MF updated?

This is how I would structure that deal. (You can still get much more off)

You should be able to see everything in the screenshots I have posted. Including the MF at 0.00134.

The money factor has been like that for many months so there is no mistake on their part, they are just trying to make money out of you.

Also, that is not a good discount on that car. you can do much better. There is $5000 lease cash from BMW on that car, so they are actually only giving you a much smaller discount.

Please look at this post

ok, someone from this forum just informed me the residual is 58% :frowning:

Yes, my mistake, the numbers changed on the 4th, I was looking at the 2nd.

Either way, the discount you have is horrid. Only about $2k off a 2016 model. You should be looking for more like $5k off and then another $5k from the rebate.

darn…I should have bought it last month

price is $56k, on sale for $49k…

you think I should be buying it for$39k? I wouldn’t mind that

I think it should be $46k at least. Look at the discount in the thread I posted.