Someone please get this QX80 lease 339

Scroll down to the QX80. Lease is 339 a month with 6k capital cost reduction. I’m sure thats negotiable since this is just a starting point. Even with the 6k taken into account at 339 a month they have this jacked up to a 75% residual value from my crude calculations.

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I would love to be wrong on this but I’m almost sure that was a mistake. I’ve been trying to get one of these in mid 500- low 600’s for a while now and haven’t had any luck.

I don’t think this is right big suvs are the hardest and worst cars to lease

They have the same amount listed for the QX60. The 339 would be great though if it were true.

Must be a misprint. When you go to the qx80 vehicle listing, all of the lease costs are closer to what you’d expect for a 70k+ vehicle.

I just called and its real, I also talked to a low level sales guy but did ask him to verify with his manager. Someone jump on this. Pretty sure its wrong too but someone try haha. I mean the new model is coming out soon, this thing is terrible on gas and is still pricey compared to some of its competition, they just might honor it.

Plus tax

MSRP $79,185. 39-month closed-end lease on approved credit. 10,000 miles per year, 25 cents excess miles charge. $0 security deposit. $5,999 cap cost reduction. First month’s payment, $700 acquisition fee and government fees not included. Not all customers will qualify. Must be Tier 1 credit. Higher lease rates may apply for leases with lower credit ratings.

So the deal is actually right now $492.85 0 down. No tax.

If I follow that link, I see a lease for $689/mo… maybe they updated?

yea they did, well that sucks haha. Well if anyone wants to try and fight it I have the email that says 339.

So are we sure this isn’t the deal? I want to do it today!

Can you forward me that email please?

Also if you look at the bottom, it says web specials managed by 72 advertising.

Any good numbers on the limited awd?

Can anyone forward me that email?

Thank you