Someone hit my car

I was outside with my wife and lady backed into my Mercedes. Damage wasn’t all too bad but car is wrapped so it needs to be re-wrapped. I got the other party’s info and lady’s husband said he will call his insurance and file a claim. I haven’t heard anything for 4 days from either the party or his insurance. How long should I realistically wait to call my insurance? We didn’t make a police report since damage was minimal and neither of us wanted it to be on our CarMax report.

Someone told me to wait 7 days and file a hit and run if they don’t respond but I don’t want to deal with that at all and get messy.

Keep waiting, right. Without the police report you have nothing now. If you file hit and run it will be on your insurance, hence your deductible. Call their insurance and file a claim. And also call yours and provide their info.


Call the insurance now. They will try to locate them.

I wanted to be nice and give the elderly couple benefit of the doubt. I will call them later tonight and if he doesn’t answer. I will call their insurance to just file a claim if it comes down to it.

Maybe not be Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to my car? Lol

It’s called something other than “being nice” lol


I had an older lady hit me and then lie to the insurance company and say I hit her (even though she hit me on the side). Accidents are not situations to be nice. Time to call insurance.

Just call their insurance company and file the claim. Considering that your car is leased (assuming it is), why would you care that it is on the Carfax? They can say that you hit their car because there is no police report.


Call their insurance and file the claim. No point in waiting since they were going to call their insurance anyway. And why the concern about the carfax?

It is my personal car… not a lease. If it was a lease, I wouldn’t care at all. I learned from my Volvo haha

I made this huge mistake on my first car. it was only a mazda 6 I paid $12k for back in 2008 but some old idiot tried to climb a snowbank and hit my rear bumper. I saw everything and let her go due to me not thinking it was much damage due to salt covering the car. After a car wash I had a huge scuff in the bumper. I will never be nice again when it comes to my cars

Carfax doesn’t need a police report to record an accident.
Insurance claim will eventually catch up with it anyways. Unless you settle with cash between private parties … that carfax ding will get you in due time.


yep I will always get a police report especially if it is the other parties fault, unless I get a big wad of cash in my hand

Minor fender bender may never show up on Carfax at all.

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Yes hit or miss.

My minor accident less than $1200 in repairs showed up 6 months after I returned the car. Sucks for the used car dealer that bought it from Mercedes auction.

I am talking to her insurance now but they want me to take it to an All-State facility but told them car is wrapped so I told them I need to pick my own body shop to do the work.

1.)File the claim.

2.)Decline their recommended shop, you need to pick your own body shop. Your body shop can most likely call their insurance once you have a claim number and filed the claim.

Ask your body shop what to do next

Probably has to go to two body shops. Once to fix the actual bumper and other to re-do the wrap… paint in my ass.

2 options for you.

#1 call the liable parties insurance company and file a claim. If the people that hit you already filed it will be an easy process. If they did not file the insurance company will need to reach them to get a statement.

#2 File with your own carrier and let them subrogate back to the other insurance company to recover the payout.

Personally I would start with #1. If you have any issues go to option #2. Hopefully you took pictures showing how the damage was done in case the person that hits you tries to deny responsibility.

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Yes I’m hoping option one works out

Thanks for the reminder to install my dash cam this weekend.

I trust NOONE in these matters cuz people will lie to protect themselves at any time.