Solid 2017 Volt LT deal in Non-CARB state

After much research and serious legwork I FINALLY secured an acceptable lease arrangement in PA for 39mos, 12k miles/yr and absolute zero down on a $35,795 MSRP 2017 Volt. Negotiated to $280/mo on a bonus tag vehicle($500) with $500 lease loyalty and $4610 GM Financial lease cash(tax credit). After using $1145. in GM Card Earnings our payments are $247.28 for 38mos(dealer made first payment for absolute zero down) Residual value buy-out cost is $17181.60.

We’re quite pleased with this arrangements and brought the car home on NYE. It will be our daughter’s first new car. She recently graduated from college and has typical college debt thus absolute bottom dollar pricing was imperative.


Congrats to you on the car and to your daughter for graduating

congrats! Seems like a good price on a $35k car.

Thank you all. She’s lovin’ it, especially the heated steering wheel given temps currently in the single digits.