(Sold) Tundra SR5, 5.7 Crewmax 4x4 Cement, $359/ Month in TX

Update: Back Up for Transfer…Previous buyer was not credit approved

Truck is available with transfer packet ready to send!

19’ Toyota Tundra SR5, 5.7 Crewmax 4x4 Cement over Black
Options:SR5 Upgrade pack, TSS Off-road Pack, Entune Premium Audio with Nav, Spray On Bedliner, Center Console Safe (coolest thing ever)

US Bank Lease - $359/ month (Includes TX Taxes)
$1000 Total DAS (Includes: $500 to US Bank directly for lease transfer fee, and $500 to me)
$150 - US Bank Application Fee (Paid To US Bank)

MSRP - $49,243
Gap (included)
Term - 24/10 (20 months remaining)
Current miles - 753 (19,200 remaining miles)

Located in DFW area TX, and just leased this truck literally two weeks ago, as I needed a vehicle and the deal was too sweet to pass on!
Unfortunately I didn’t realize it wasn’t going to fit in my garage (seriously the most shallow garage of all time) and we get crazy hail storms out here regularly so it’s non negotiable for me. The truck is great looking and nicely appointed, with arguably the best color combo. Not to mention, in TX this payment is hard to beat.

I’m not looking to make any money here simply cover the transfer fee and recoup what I put down. Should make for a quick deal!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Didn’t you just lease this a few days ago? Why you getting rid of it? Beautiful truck

He explained that in his original post.

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What’s the cost per mile for excess mileage?

Dude that is crazy not really somthing you think of but lesson learned. Easy transfer on this one.

Cost per mile is $0.25 on overage

I know it’s really ridiculous, but this is a newer spec home we purchased and I never would’ve thought the garage size would be an issue?

It’s really is a sick looking truck, and it’s a solid deal especially for this area, So to your point I’m hoping for a quick and easy transfer.

Whereabouts in Texas are you?

I’m interested and I’m located in Temple where can we meet?

Please call me 5043902468. Im from new orleans and i am in the Dallas area evacuating. Please call me we are going to need a new vehicle

I am in North DFW area

Still available?

Yes, currently available although I do have a few folks that have reached out interested

Nice truck and payment considering Texas taxes are brutal! If you don’t find a buyer here I sold mine on swapalease in 3 days

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Thanks brother! Yeah I have Swapalease lined up if I don’t get a firm commitment in a day or so.

Have had plenty of interest so far, but have to wait for US Bank lease department to reopen on Monday to process anything.

I would totally keep it, if it would have fit in the garage or didn’t block my driveway from getting other cars in and out

As an update for interested parties, I have to wait for the registration paperwork to complete from the state before I can officially start assumption process with anyone. Probably a week or two more before that comes through.

@Spaceman are those stock Tundra wheels/tires or is that some dealer add on option? Love the cement/black look… GLWT

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Based on the window sticker OP posted, it looks like they came as part of the Truck Sport Series Off-Road Special Edition Package.

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Correct, they are stock with the current TSS package here in Gulf Coast Region.

I have a similar deal. I’m planning on hanging onto it, but should I change my mind, how easy do you think it is to get out of the US Bank lease? Haven’t worked with them before.