Sold to Rodo, Leased a New Subaru Ascent

Just signed a 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx 7 Seat Config!

Had to order it, which I did back in November. Just arrived yesterday. Leased from one of my favorite dealerships in NYC (I live in NJ).

  • Dealer required a $700 deposit (which became down payment) to place the order.

What set this deal apart, in my opinion: because I am a long time customer, not only was I not subjected to ‘market adjustments’ raising the price thousands over MSRP–like my local Subaru dealership was doing–they honored Subaru VIP program pricing: 2% below invoice! (again: this was because I ordered the car. They couldnt do this on an in-stock vehicle)

Details: So, with 0 additional down beyond the $700, NJ sales tax and all fees rolled into the payment, I am just under $510/month. Not thrilled about being over $500, but the next part of this post makes it worthwhile…

Here is my lease calculator on this deal (I had to tweak the numbers to make the payment match. The numbers were slightly off): 2022 Ascent Onyx in NYC

As to the other half of this story:
I decided to sell my 2020 Subaru Ascent Premium ($415.xx/month; $465 out the door) 24 months and 17k miles into a 36 month, 36k miles lease. After Carvana dropped the price they quoted me in November (when I decided to make the deal on the 2022) when I resubmitted last week, I decided to try Rodo.

Carvana offered me around $29k. Rodo? $34.5k. Payoff was $26k. Netted over $9k in equity!

Like other forum contributors who sold to Rodo, they show up with a shady looking check for your equity (if you eschew ACH). It cashed, so that’s sweet! Now, I am in a holding pattern until I receive notice they paid off the lease with SMF. I am still within the 12 day timeline they gave, so I havent started worrying–yet. If they pay off like they promise, these two deals were well worth my time, I think.

What say the experts? Decent lease, for this point in time, on a Subaru?

For those unfamiliar: look into Subaru VIP pricing. Its almost the only way, I think, to lease a Subaru that makes any kind of sense.


Considering that you are effectively at about $260 a month on the new Subie when you take the equity into account, I think you made out pretty darn well overall! +


ACH is bad because…

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I read some folks hadn’t received funds according to timeline, so I requested bank check.

I was a little disquieted but them showing up with a handwritten check with company name/no address printed on the check. I rolled the dice as so many here and on other forums have had completed deals successfully with Rodo, (I also have friends who have completed deals with them/expected the sketchy check) so I went forward with it.

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Congratulations on two solid deals! I also used the VIP program and recommend it.

How did you become a VIP? I had to donate $500, and I know certain employers also qualify for VIP pricing. Just wondering what other means exist.


You did so good I almost don’t believe it to be 100% honest…

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You can also donate at a lower lever to some charities. I think it’s $50 or $60 min, but anything under the $500 donation requires a 6 month wait for VIP access (so, it takes some planning to go lower donation route)

I was holding my breath, TBH, until the deal was signed. I’ve used this dealership for years, and didn’t expect any funny business (and there wasn’t!), but these are unprecedented times

update: Rodo informed me check was sent last week. SMF confirms 2020 is paid off. Time to ship the plates back :slight_smile: