Sold. Taking down the post therefore

Sold. Taking down the post therefore.


Fantastic deal for a Texas buyer!! This should go quick as it’s about $100/mo less then this month

Very nice truck! Are those the stock wheels?

If I may chime in, I am at $400 on 36/12k miles TSS Off-Road this month

Great payment!!

I’m interested and messaged you.

Any chance you would be able to offer that to someone in CA?


CA payment is a lot lower. I’ll dm.


I’m in DFW. Where is it at, would love to look at it.

Is this still available? Interested and in dfw.

Still available?

PM me. Interested

TSS models are available for CA residents?

Nope. Almost all dealerships in TX don’t do an out of state lease

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I am interested, however, I live is SLC, UT. Not sure hiw the transfer works.

Hi, I was wondering if this is still available. I’m in Waco.

Are these available in SoCal?