SOLD [SOCAL Lease Transfer] 2018 BMW i3 REX - $345/mo + tax

Lease transfer for 2018 BMW i3 94Ah REX
Protonic Blue Metallic w/ Frozen Gray Accent
Mega Carum Spice Gray Interior

16 months remaining - lease ends 11/27/2020
17,500 miles remaining (37,500 total allowed)
Down payment - $0
Monthly Payment before taxes - $344.78

Some Options include:

  • Parking Sensors
  • Heated Seats
  • Rear camera
  • Level 1 Tricker Charger
  • Level 2 BMW Turbocord Charger
  • CA Red HOV Sticker

MSRP $52,745
Let me know what additional questions you may have.


Question. Any transfer fee incentives? Such as you paying the fee or partial?

Interested. Let’s discuss. I’m in SoCal

What month does the car need to be turned in. Which part of so cal do you live, I’m in encino

I’ve sent PMs to you both.

Do you still have the car for transfer?? Thanks.

Hi - yes, car is still available for transfer.