Sold please close thank you!

All states aside from CA
Can overnight paperwork and ship!

2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE w 47xx demo miles
MSRP $75xxx
Great color combo and options
$695+ Tax
$2500 DAS covers all upfronts and first

$350 Broker Fee

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why no CA :frowning: ?

“Car needs to be in CA to get inspection for registration. Logistically impossible.
We wont ship car to get registered, car cant be registered without being in CA.”

Only can if it’s cash!

How much more for 12K?

Hey Alex!


This is incorrect information. The car doesn’t need to be inspected in California to be registered in California. It doesn’t even need to be inspected in general to be registered in California.

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When I bought a brand new car from out-of-state, it had to be inspected by a CA DMV and smogged.

Any idea why?

I have purchased over 10 cars out of State and never once have had to do this. I wonder if this is some sort of random selection type of thing or what…

I can explore further but that was a quick text w the manager. I’d love to help in CA but if they say no, my hands are tied.

Are you positive? Never had to take it to DMV to look for the 50-state emissions sticker?

I hear you. Just talking about my own personal experience. Like you said at the end of the day it’s whatever that dealer chooses to do or not do. Should be possible though… :man_shrugging:t2:

Mine required smog, inspection, and to get weighed


The people’s Republic of California is a major PITA


You know what. Good call John. I definitely did have to go there to get the VIN identified, which they probably did look for the sticker at the same time. Everyone of those times all the paperwork was already done and the car was registered.

So I would say the answer is that it can be registered properly beforehand, but you would need to have that info be verified at a later date after you receive the vehicle.

Yup I had to have a car go through smog too after purchase. Funny how I look back now and realize each time it was different and some of the times I had to do nothing. Welcome to California.

But the main thing with all of the transactions was the paperwork was done beforehand and the car was registered.

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I leased a new car out of state. Brought here to Cali. Just needed a smog and quick inspection at DMV. Then registration.

Anyone want to talk about the car ? :slight_smile:

Would love it if we could!

Shipping LRs to LH members in Pensacola, Seattle, and hopefully Cleveland in the next two weeks. California would open up a wonderful market via LH, especially when you can ship across country for < $1500.

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It’s possible that MA can’t do this because they do not have temporary tags. Therefore, they need to register the car on your behalf, via a runner out of state. Maybe that’s the issue here. Basically, you need to go through these checks and balances before registering, but in MA, you can’t take it off the lot without registering it @Rondtable ? Just a thought? Only speculating.

Nice one with upgraded windsor leather

InControlPro system can be upgraded with new software with Apple CarPlay enabled.

“upgradable” means dealer service department needs to “update” the software to address an “issue” :wink: