Sold one to VROOM!

Hi folks.
Is it good idea to sell vehicle after 3 months of sing A leasing contract for my credit history?
Got a offer from vroom.
This situation with corona and WFH, no need a second car for at lease 2 months, just thinking to save money.

Won’t affect your credit whatsoever

Do you have a plan what to do in 2 months? I hope you will not get the same car for higher payment.

Would need an additional Credit Pull on his new lease though. And last time they pulled my credit, They can see it was very short term

And it’s red flag for them ? If I had short term lease

Vroom just implemented the same policy as Carvana. Only buying cars if you are trading in to purchase.

Damn really?

Yep. Thanks COVID.

I am in the middle of selling… yesterday sent power of attorney, hope the will not cancel the deal

The Vroom policy was actually a few days ago at least. It was on their website.

Curious if they cancel on you. I had an appt scheduled w carvana and they cancelled it unless I wanted to trade it in.

Since I am also canceling my payments left and right due to COVID, I wouldn’t begrudge Zoom or Carvana for backing out.

Yeah I don’t blame them, but annoying for those w appts.

Who knows what pricing they will offer once they start buying again. Glad I got a few quotes before they stopped so I have an idea of where they were.

Will they offer thousands less than in December and through March or will the used car market skyrocket and demand surge, increasing their offers? Should be interesting.

I got offer from vroom 34500 from Carvana 31000. Crazy difference

I’m in the same boat. They got my POA yesterday and I received a message that they have all the docs.
Also, email stated that they are looking for a career now and it can take upto 10 days to find one and 1-2 weeks for pick up to occur.
Finger crossed!

Do they give you an option to take it wherever it needs to go? With all this stuff going on and assuming it isn’t being shipped to another area of the country it might be something to ask / email them and see. Pretty hard to back out if they already have your car.

Ha, career change already? :grin:

Can you offer to drop off the car at one of their “kiosks”?

He is correct. Vroom need to look for a new career since reselling used cars will go down the tubes soon. Maybe Vroom can go into internet video conference & sharing and change it’s name to zoom?


Looks like we’re on a pontoon together. I am also waiting for them to find a carrier. Thinking about calling Monday or Tuesday to see if I can just drop it off at the carrier they find.