Sold one to CARVANA!

How much did Vroom offer? What is trade in/private sell/retail value of your accord? If they offer anything above private sell value, why not??

25k, carvana 20k. Kbb trade in is 21-23k, private 23-25k.
I never sold a car privately that was more than $5k, do a lot of people buy cars off craigslist for 25k?

Hi all,

Just ran into same snag as some others posted previously regarding VW Credit leasing. Got an awesome offer on egolf with 4k net to me with carvana. Went through all steps and scheduled pickup, then BAM my $4k changed into $115. Thought it’s a mistake, contacted carvana, then VW and apparently lease payoff is different for dealers. Would have been nice for carvana to let me know…

Anyways now I got another lease already signed so I’m doing my own lease buyout and selling it privately, already got a person lined up.

Anyone knows how the title arrives from VW credit? I’m in CA and trying to avoid paying use tax which one can be exempted from if car is sold within 10 days.

Does Vroom or other dealers accept a title that will still have VW listed on it?

Thanks in advance.

Just finished selling my Mercedes lease to Carvana. Can’t recommend them enough. It was so easy and seamless.

First, Mercedes refused to send me a Dealer Payoff quote because I’m not a dealer. I called Carvana and asked them to take care of this. Carvana rep did a 3-way conference call with me and MBFS, and we got this resolved in 5 minutes. The rest of the process included scheduling an inspection, then the inspection happened (which took around an hour), and Carvana sent the loan payoff to MBFS within 5 days. A couple days after that MBFS acknowledged that the lease has been paid off and they’re sending me a check for my $5500 MSD.

Carvana quote was $2500 more than my lease payoff, so I got $2500 paid to me by Carvana.
The whole process took about 2 weeks from end to end.

BTW Sales Tax is to be paid when you sell the car. (You implied private sale)

This thread will tell you exactly what you need to know. What you’re trying to do is doable, but not easy.

Don’t bother listing a 25k vehicle on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Too much aggrevattion and scams.


Yup will use vroom or make Carvana increase their price. Just gotta decide what to do after.

I got the same email from Carvana on my Infiniti. Today, I sold it to CarMax. It involved a 3 way call between me, CarMax and Infiniti Finance for CarMax to get the payoff. Infiniti provided the payoff amount minus the security deposit.

Last month I sold our 2019 Ascent to Vroom and that took a day shy of a month. We decided to sell our 2020 Highlander Hybrid on Sunday and carvana had by far the highest offer, not much less than we paid for it. We concluded the process yesterday. If Toyota was open on Sunday and they could give the dealer payoff, it would have been a day less. This was a lease.

Positives about carvana vs vroom:

Everything is done and uploaded online. You can track the status of what’s going on right on their website. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. With Vroom, I would get different answers and communication was lacking, plus everything was done overnight by fedex. There were issues with that due to the Texas ice storm.

Only negative about carvana are the hour plus wait times to get someone on the phone. Otherwise, I’m very happy with them and would highly recommend them over Vroom.

Anyone remember the NY tristate car buying company paying $2000 more than Carvana? Are they still around? I know some members had trouble with them. Just curious.

You need to open a new browser tab and sing out of your Carvana account then submit for a new offer and if it is more than your current offer save it and sing in to refresh the new price if it is lower leave it as is. :face_with_monocle:


Hey LH

I received a great offer from Carvana on my 2020 Tacoma. They’re offering to buy out my lease and cut me a check on top of that - so strongly considering selling to them.

If anyone has experience selling a Tacoma/Toyota to Carvana, I have a few questions. I found them very hard to get in touch with unless you initiate the order.

  1. What fees will I have to pay out of my own pocket after the deal? (i.e. disposition fee)

  2. TFS will send the MSD back to me, not carvana, right?

  3. Any other big concerns I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance

  1. There are no other fees as long as Carvana gets the actual dealer payoff from Toyota. As long as your lease is through Toyota Financial you should be all set. If it is thru Ally, US Bank, or some other third party bank you probably have a different payoff then what you think and may not have equity.

  2. It depends on your contract/MSD. Check to make sure the buyout/payoff doesn’t already include your MSD which could explain the low buy out and positive equity. I have seen this go either way.

  3. There are long wait times for Carvana, I found the best thing to do is call, and request a call back when they are ready and when the answering service prompts you. Once you get everything in order and submitted, scheduling pickup is easy. I sold a car to Carvana in January and a rep came in his own car and did all the paperwork and walk thru. He took the keys, handed me a check for the equity, and locked the keys in a window lock box and said someone would be by to pick it up 2 days later. Later that day after returning home, the car was gone from my apartment complex parking lot. Just be aware sometimes a truck might come to pick the car up, some times a rep will Uber and drive the car back, or depending on your location, you can even drop it off to a Carvana location. Also- check Carmax for an online offer- their prices for me have been MUCH higher than Carvana lately, but of course every car and experience is different. I just sold my car to Carmax today for $1000 more than Carvana was offering, and 3k more than vroom.

Good luck!

Have any of you sold a Mini Cooper leased through mini financial to Carvana? I was just going through the contract and it said they don’t accept buyouts from a 3rd party.

Anyone here with experience selling an Infiniti to Carvana?

INFINITI doesn’t like 3rd party.
CarMax is pretty much the only way to go with those.

yeah just read about it. That’s crappy. This will be my last infiniti…

Just sold a Nissan to Carmax, as others have said Carvana doesn’t work with Nissan/Infiniti.

UPDATE: I placed a note hidden in the Owner’s Manual, and the new owner (from PA) just reached out to me. I’m calling him back later tonight and I’ll give him all of the paperwork and records from Day 1 for this car. I thought if the tables were turned, I would appreciate the background info!