Sold one to a local dealer

Still in the process of completing the transaction with US Bank, but sold a 2020 Tundra SR5 TRD Offroad to a local dealer. VROOM, Carvana, and CarMax were in the 46k range. AutoTrader’s buy now came back at 48k and the dealers they sent it to bid it up to $49500. The dealer came and picked it up to lock in the pricing while i finalize things with US Bank.

This was a Jim special from the end of April 2020 and my payment was $241 (including 3% NC Tax). It was a sign and drive so my only upfront was Jim’s fee and getting it shipped to NC. I made 14 payments (including todays) so my total spend on this vehicle was $4324. My payoff is 42918.79 (includes paying 3% tax on the remaining cost of the residual). I was paid 2257.21 to drive the truck for a little over a year. Even if you include the $1769.28 in fuel, 13.60 for a State inspection, and $425 for personal property tax and registration, I still come slightly ahead. Used Car prices are bonkers…

I had to tie up some cash due to USBanks rules, but pretty interesting process