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Options List:
175I 535i GT
Color 300 Alpine White N/C
Upholstery LCSW Black Dakota Leather N/C
Options ZDA Driver Assistance Package 1,400.00
3AG Rear view camera N/C
610 Head-up Display N/C
ZPP Premium Package 1,600.00
322 Comfort Access keyless entry N/C
323 Soft-close automatic doors N/C
655 SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 1 year AllAcc… N/C
1CA CO2 relevant vehicles N/C
1CB CO2 content N/C
255 Sport leather steering wheel N/C
2AV 19" Light alloy Turbine wheels style 452-with a… 600.00
2TE STEPTRONIC automatic transmission with shift Pa… N/C
2VB Tire pressure monitor N/C
319 Universal garage-door opener N/C
416 Power rear side window shades 575.00
423 Floor mats N/C
430 Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors N/C
431 Auto-dimming rearview mirror N/C
456 Multi-contour seats 1,300.00
488 Lumbar support N/C
494 Heated front seats 500.00
4BN Dark wood trim N/C
4NE Blow-by heater N/C
4UR Ambiance lighting N/C
5A1 LED Fog Lights N/C
609 Navigation system N/C
688 Harman Kardon surround sound system 875.00
697 DVD Area coding (North America) N/C
6AC BMW Assist eCall N/C
6AE BMW TeleServices N/C
6AK BMW Online and BMW Apps N/C
6AM Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information N/C
6AP Remote Services N/C
6NP Enhanced USB and Bluetooth N/C
8KL Oil Chg 10,000 mls/12 months N/C
8S4 Variable Light Decoding N/C
8TN Daytime driving lights N/C
925 Shipping package N/C
9AA Transport protection N/C
ZTM Tier 2 N/C
Total Suggested Price


Makes me want to move so SoCal


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Done 202020202020202

Do you need loyalty for this price?

Yes please see the incentives posted

Is there a damage disclaimer on this car?
The Money factor is steep, should be 0.00169

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A $68k car for $349 I wouldn’t even bring up the mf lol it’s a great deal


@cpbtc Not sure if you are serious or just trolling?

Some people dont know a deal when its right in front of there face…

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Can recent grad be apply to this? Do you know if there’s any pull ahead program from BMW currently? My X1 won’t be done until this December. Thanks

No college grad due to the vehicle not being CPO and no pull ahead at the moment. Keep posted i will have more deals coming if trolls don’t scare me away lol

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Chief, really? Calling me a troll? That is a little arrogant.
I drive 535 iXdrive 24/12, NO down-payment, for 373/month. That is Zero down payment. Just registration.
Similar Msrp.
You have a down payment.
And you dodged the damage disclaimer question

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Thanks for the info. Yea, just ignore the trolls… btw when you say down payment, means the payment that’s due at sign correct? (already include dmv and etc… fees)

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How about you get off my post since you are just here to tarnish my post I don’t care what you bought how much you paid on what you drive, fly, or any other verb you can think of.

If you are here talking about my MF being to high on this deal do it and move on please.

And no there is no damage disclaimer please leave or i will just shut this post down.

Yes correct @skyline31518 thanks for the support btw.

I don’t think we can go back in time and get those sweet BMW deal anymore… that being said, at the year of 2018, this is a pretty decent deal. I am paying $425 for a X1 sDrive 28i(yes, not even xDrive) loaner(2 years ago) before I know this forum so… depends on the person that you talk to, for me this is a no brainer. Too bad I still have 9 payments or else I’ll jump on it. From the pic. of the website (shellybmw.com) the car seems to be in a good shape with no damages so… yea…
your 535 xDrive has no down payment? like $0 due at sign and just $373 a month? I believe he now changed to “drive off” from “Down payment”

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Relax chief.
First, I think the GT is great, if I can still find one of these later in the year I will lease one for myself, but probably it will be too late.
Second, I think your deal is great.

But third, we are hackers. When we see a deal we make it better, no reason to snap at me. My initial question and comment were valid.


Is that how you really speak to potential customers?

I don’t care how good your deal is, it doesn’t allow you to be an ass on here.


Wow what a charmer you are. Can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. You are posting the deal so you can get a sale. Go ahead, shut the post down and miss the sale.