Sold my 4xe lease to Driveway, they paid sales tax and now Chrysler refuses to return it

Hey hackrs - Do I have any recourse here? I sold my Wrangler 4xE lease to I had previously sold another Chrysler Capital Lease to driveway, but in this recent case, they appear to have gone by my personal payoff amount rather than dealer payoff. As such, they paid Chrysler Capital nearly 3k in taxes. Driveway agrees that it should not have been paid - but they say that I should go after Chrysler Capital for these funds. The representatives at Chrysler Capital I’ve spoken to stated something to the effect of “the buyer agreed to the amount, and if [they] believe that there is a discrepancy, they need to contact us”. Is there any recourse here, or should I consider these funds lost?

bumping for another look

Have you escalated it at CCAP and Driveway? If some phone rep is telling you this then you need to keep pushing until someone who knows what they’re doing is on it. Im guessing someone up the chain at CCAP can get this fixed. Keep pushing.