Sold!(LEASE TRANSFER) BUYER WILL GET $1000.00 CASH UPFRONT 2018 Toyota Rav4 XLE Black. $255.84

Monthly Lease Payments: $255.84

  • Lease Expires: 01/16/2021
  • Total Milage: 36005(12K/year)
  • Current Milage: 10205
  • Remaining Milage: 25800k for 26months
  • miles for month : 992miles
  • Residual Value: $15497 if you want to purchase the car.
  • Location: Los Angeles


  1. I am willing to give $1000.00 cash to buyer
  2. Toyota Charges a $200 lease transfer fee! ; I will pay that.

i suggest putting “lease transfer” in title and calculating how many miles/mo are remaining. People don’t wanna do math. Also put location of car and any incentive you are offering.

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