[SOLD][Lease Transfer] 2018 M6 Convertible $1055/mo plus tax SoCal

I’m putting feeler out here now on this great deal:

2018 BMW M6 Convertible Black/Black well-equipped car up for grabs! Absolutely love the car, but unfortunately my wife isn’t too much of a fan and we need a more family-esque vehicle.

I’m located in Southern California, I would like to deal locally.

Options: Driving assistance package, Executive package, and 20 inch rims

MSRP: $131k
3yr/12k lease that renews every March
32 months remaining
Current mileage: 3.5k (36k Allowed)
Monthly excl tax: $1,055
Down payment: NONE, Just Transfer fee of $500 to BMW.

Feel free to call/text me at (626) 375-3931 if interested.


Beautiful car and great payment. Good luck with the transfer !

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Very familiar car :wink:

Best deal we’ve ever done on that car. Should be an easy transfer!


Thank you, it was such a great deal, sad that I might have to part way with it!

Beautiful car - if this is available next April let me know :wink:

Have fun

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It might be :wink: I’m still on the fence so just putting out a feeler for it now lol

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I might have somebody for this in December :smiley:

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Awesome, let me know then!:wink:

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Dam if I could get out of my 640i Msport I would take that car :). Anyone want 640i for $799?

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Hey don’t hijack my thread lmao!


Prob not going to get too many nibbles on the M Sport 640i for $800 when there is an M6 Convertible in the same thread for $1,055 :rofl:


Just nano coated the car and it looks amazing guys!! :smile:

Sent you a text. I am very interested.

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Just replied to your DM Fred!

Bump for this great lease takeover opportunity as last interested party backed out!