[Sold] Lease Transfer - 2017 Bolt Premier Effective $300/month 17 months/1400 miles a month! Fully Loaded

2017 Bolt Premier fully loaded with all available options (MSRP $43,510) available for transfer. Current mileage is 12.3k. With 17 months left on the lease, this gives you 1400 miles a month.

Red carpool stickers are on the car

Asking $300/month, which is a great deal considering the mileage left. One pay lease, so total cost would be $5,100 and buyer pays $595 transfer fee.

Sorry, not the best pictures. Currently out of town, and will be able to provide better pics and show the car starting on 5/30.

Residual valye is $25670.90.

2017 Bolt Premier
DC Fast Charging
Driver Confidence II Package - Leather Steering Wheel, Heated Seats, Forward Collision Alert, lane keep, etc.
Infotainment Package - Wireless charging, Bose audio system, etc
MSRP $43,510

Lease start date 10/31/2017
Lease end date 10/31/2020

Reduced price, please let me know if interested!



Still available? Sent you a PM but no response.

Sorry for the delay, was out of town. All PMs responded to.

Added some better pictures. Have some folks that are interested, and one person looking at the car tomorrow…but nothing finalized, so please let me know if you’re interested!

Interested, sent you a PM