(SOLD)Lease Transfer 2017 BMW X3 ~ low miles and garaged always


Looking to transfer my 2017 BMW X3. We need a bigger car as 2nd baby is on the way.

SpaceGray Metallic/ Saddle Brown Leather
Packages: Driving Assistance, Lightning, Premium 3, Technology(HUD)
35% tints on front windows(rears come tinted from factory)
Upgraded iDrive to 6.1lite (it shows tiles instead of list menu same as latest 5-series & X3). Used Bimmercode app that can be reverted to factory. Happy to code any other features you may want.

Monthly: $475 (including NJ taxes)
1st owner and no accidents or scratches(not even minor ones)
Lease Start Date: Sept 25, 2017
Lease End Date: Sept 25, 2020 (18months left)
MSRP: $52045
Lease Miles: 10,000/year
Current Miles: 8100
Location: North Jersey Hudson County
Buyer pays transfer fee of $500.
I put some $2500 cap cost reduction and fees, so not offering any incentives.

I have done couple of BMW transfers, and it can be done in 10 business days if buyer overnights application and simply follows up with them frequently.

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Pretty fair deal for a car with those packages. I can echo that BMW lease assumptions are very easy, and can be done very quickly.

Seems like a pretty reasonable price for the car based on recent loaner deals posted here… covering the transfer fee may help if you don’t get bites immediately.

if you are looking to move it fast, you may have better luck with Swapalease as you can typically command a higher price there. Everyone here is looking for a deal especially for a 2 year old model.

Good deal esp w cap cost reduction. Too bad you are not here in California.

Sounds like a good deal
What is the buyout price ?

Sent you a PM

Thanks for the thumbs up guys! More like a feeler now.

Some have asked about out of state transfer(like NY). I think the taxes are different and also NJ chrges upfront taxes on lease payments, so I am not sure how it works when you transfer out of state.

Can a lease guru comment on above? Thanks

I wouldnt buy this car out. Not worth it as it’s previous generation. Better to lease and get rid.

Unlike NY, you can get a partial refund for the sales tax paid in NJ in this scenario, but never personally did it nor understand how it would work especially since the lease is changing hands.

In-state is much easier and saves the new lessee a few hundred bucks on DMV/registration fees. Not really your problem once the lease is legally transferred by BMWF.

would you ship

If you can arrange for a shipping company, then I am happy to drop it off with them. Again only after successful lease assumption.

We shipped my wife’s car thru company transfer from Chicago to NJ. It arrived in 2 days. All we did was to drop-off at some remote loading location and pickup from similar location. Vehicle was as is with no damage.

I would be all over this if you were closer. I think shipping to Arizona kills the deal.