[SOLD Lease Transfer] 2017 BMW i3, Technology & Parking Package SoCal $266+tax - 7 months

2017 BMW i3 BEV with Technology & Parking Package in Pure Black, Gray Cloth / Blue trim

7 months left on a 24 month lease (12/29/2019), currently at 12,750 miles, about 7000 and some change miles left. No issues, love driving the car. I’m trying to do the CVRP preapproval program and will likely be trying to get into a new lease this summer when it gets approved.

Takeover takes care of their own app fee. Will split transfer fee. Not asking for any additional deposit. Will need this done before the 6 month deadline that BMW has on lease transfers (June 28). Thanks for looking.

Located in San Diego, CA

Hi there. This still live? thanks

Yes the car is still available.

Better hurry…bmw won’t let you transfer with less than 6 mos remaining

Hi, is this still available? I am interested it.

Can you please contact me to discuss more about this?

Thanks all that were interested. Car has been transferred!