(sold) Last chance 2018 X2 xDrive! $198.87 includes 6% tax! $2,899.71 DAS includes MSD's!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:--------------- 2018 BMW X2 xDrive Loaner
MSRP: $-------------------------------------------$40,295
Monthly Payment: $----------------------------$198.87 includes 6% tax rate
Drive-Off Amount: $----------------------------$2,899.71 ($198.87 first payment, $1400 MSD’s, $313 dealer fee, $72.84 taxes on rebtes, $915 cap reduction)
Annual Mileage:----------------------------------10,000
MF:---------------------------------------------------.00192 W/ MSD and Acquisition fee waived
Residual:-------------------------------------------65% ($25,189)
Available Incentives:----------------------------included- $4,750 lease cash, $1,000 Loyalty, OL code
Optional- College Grad $1000, Conquest $750
Region:--------------------------------------------- Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah----- Vehicle can ship

Pretty straight forward
2018 X2 xDrive Loaner
Jet Black
Black SensaTec
Heated Front seats and Steering Wheel

I am in NJ, Can this be done for me and shipped ? i dont have BMW. and no car to trade.

1500-2000 to ship

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How much to ship to Cali?

$500-$1000 to cali. I’ll give you a $300 plane voucher to fly out here and drive it back if you want. Or, $300 towards shipping.

So dang cheap. Even though I don’t need another car, I feel like it’s too cheap to pass up.


Thanks Jon!
I am very proud of this deal!


Agreed. X2 leases have been so sweet the last couple of months. Great way to score a 0.6% or 0.65% deal with minimal effort. Nice deal for those out in the mountains, OP!


Thank you! Lease assistance dries up this week for 18 3 series for sure, more than likely X2’s as well.

Checking with some friends here in Seattle on this one. I’m sure shipping won’t be particularly cheap, but they can’t/won’t touch numbers like this up here.

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I hear this time and time again! Sold one last week to a Hackr in Seattle who said that Seattle dealers wont do anything off MSRP.
I’ll offer anyone $300 airline voucher to fly in and drive back.

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You mean this month, not week.


Good call!

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I’m in - please let me know asap as this weekend is my only open window and I’ll have to travel on Friday to get to you (from Seattle).

Where are you located? Just moved from CA to ID.

SOLD to a Hackr out of Virginia!

Idaho Falls