SOLD Florida 2018 Lexus IS 300 F Sport Silver $461/month BEFORE INCENTIVE

Silver 2018 Lexus IS 300 F Sport RWD available for lease takeover in Boynton Beach, FL or surrounding south FL area. The monthly payment is $461 and we can provide an AGGRESSIVE incentive to be negotiated! This is my elderly grandmother’s car, she takes great care of it. She is moving from the area and can’t take the car with her. The lease will be available for takeover late July/early August, with 13-14 payments remaining depending on takeover date. This lease has 22,500 miles and current mileage of 10,800, leaving approx 850-900 miles per month depending on takeover. I will provide additional photos and further info upon request. You can text me at 713 408 6005 if interested. All reasonable offers for an incentive will be considered! Thank you!

  1. Your grandma has style
  2. This is not going to do well here without a massive incentive
  3. Dont have people chase you for mileage

Get all the details in up front including pics if you really want to move it

Nothing against grandma but when I hear that, I assume dings and dents (without photos).


what would you recommend for the incentive to make it work here

Considering a 36/12 went for 3xx in FL, you’d have to be below that or current market price for anyone to bite. Especially with low miles.

Source: Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

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I have updated with photos and mileage! I understand the payment may be high, so bring all offers to get the effective payment down to what you need! We will be aggressive!

Still available? Can I have some details like mileage, maturity date, dispo fee, transfer fee, etc.? Thanks!

This car is sold thank you