Sold Audi lease back to Audi for $$$


Oct 2021. 3 months left on an Audi Lease, with this crazy car market i shopped around to see how i can sell my leased vehicle. Carmax was the highest offered 48k (residual of 37k). Audi is still allowing 3rd party buyouts, BUT unfortunately they want market value from Carmax (52k). So i shopped around various Audi dealers and these were the offers for me to end the lease now…zero $, 600, 2,600, 3k, 5k. this is with no penalties and net payment from dealer without buying/leasing a car from them. Obviously i took the 5k and it appears that used inventory is slim to none all over and they expect this vehicle shortage to last a while.


Wow no way !!! You nailed it !!!

Yes sorry I was In my cave for the past year and a half …

Woah, that’s awesome. I’m trying to do a similar thing with my BMW right now.

How did you go about reaching out to the dealers? Anyone specifically you spoke to? (GM, Sales, etc)

A lot of the dealer websites have a “I want to buy your car!” link now that’ll direct your inquiry to their acquisition person.

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You should share the dealer so other people with Audi’s can sell theirs.

I have a Q7 lease ending in 6months. Can you tell me how to go about selling back to dealership? I am also in NJ too, so please share the dealer info.

I don’t need a car now and can wait till Feb to get a new one.

Most audi dealer websites have a “we want to buy your car” link on them. Submit the car to as many as you can find.

With Audi crappy residuals on initial lease, they’ve already made their money with your previous lease payments. Giving a little back so they can capitalize on used car values makes sense for them. BMW generally lease better for consumers as the residual values at lease inception are higher. Have to think it is rare that it pays to sell your existing BMW leased car and put money in your pocket.

Two years ago, I’d totally agree.

I can buy all Audi FS leases, if anyone needs help!

My local dealer was deeply confused at how his offer to buy out my car for $1k over my payoff quote (which accounted for putting my MSDs towards the balance) was actually leaving me in the negative.

Are you sure that the dealer’s buyout included your MSDs. My dealer was unclear at first, but was finally able to get confirmation that the dealer buyout number does not include MSDs.

I doubt it, he seemed very confused when I showed him my payoff quote was accounting for using my MSDs to reduce the balance that was due, which was less than what he offered anyway. What am I missing?

Your payoff should include msds. His payout should not.

As to why your audi is worth so little compared to your payoff is a different story. What model are we talking about? What was the buyout and his purchase offer?

SQ5. This guy also offered me a $35k Q3 at 36/7.5 for $740 a month so they were not particularly serious with me :slight_smile: . I’ll PM you on the buyout diff question.


I returned my Sq5 recently in NJ. Pocketed a good amount. Msd’s on my account will come directly from Audi which they confirmed.

Anyone on here with an Audi can literally try any dealer. I happened to use my originating dealer.

The RV on his sq5 lease was around 64%, which is why everyone was leasing them a few years back.

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I just did same thing with my e-tron. 18 months into 24mo lease with $0 down, Audi dealer locally took it back and I net $12,500…crazy. Audi dealer payoff was $10-12k lower than what they would quote 3rd parties.

@mllcb42 sold his e-tron too. Audi is having some issues rn…

I can sell it back for 5k right now also, Q7. The question is what do you get next? Lol there are no deals