(SOLD) 2018 BMW 740i - Loaner - Nor-Cal - $799 w/Tax - $999 DAS

2018 BMW 740i Sedan
MSRP: $89,615
Selling Price: $68,945 (23.07% Off)
Miles: 3,257
Monthly Payment: $799 w/Tax (9.25%)
Down Payment: $999.99
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500
MF: .00166
Residual: 55.07%
Available Incentives: Includes $2,000 Loyalty Rebate
Leasehackr Score: 10.4

(Can’t choose 7,500)

Description MSRP

Model 187F 740i USD 83,100.00
Color 475 Black Sapphire Metallic N/C
Upholstery LCSW Black Dakota Leather N/C
Options ZDA Driving Assistance Package 1,700.00
610 Head-up Display N/C
ZN1 Active Blind Spot Detection N/C
ZN4 Lane Departure Warning N/C
ZMP M Sport Package 3,400.00
3DZ Without Lines designation outside N/C
760 Shadowline exterior trim N/C
337 M Sport Package N/C
21F 19" M Light alloy Double-Spoke Bi-Color whe… N/C
255 Sport leather steering wheel N/C
2TB Sport Automatic Transmission N/C
4AS†Gray Poplar Wood trim N/C
4UR Ambiance lighting N/C
5A1 LED Fog Lights N/C
715 Aerodynamic kit N/C
775 Anthracite headliner N/C
1CA CO2 relevant vehicles N/C
2VB Tire pressure monitor N/C
322 Comfort Access keyless entry N/C
3AG Rear view camera N/C
3DS Display Key N/C
402 Panoramic moonroof N/C
441 Smoker’s package N/C
465 Through-loading System N/C
488 Lumbar support N/C
494 Heated front seats N/C
5AC Automatic high beams N/C
5AP Decoding for no-dazzle high-beam assistance N/C
5AS Active Driving Assistant N/C
609 Navigation system N/C
650 In-dash CD player N/C
655 SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 1year All Access … N/C
688 Harman Kardon surround sound system N/C
6AC BMW Assist eCall N/C
6AE BMW TeleServices N/C
6AK ConnectedDrive Services N/C
6AM Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information N/C
6AN Concierge Services N/C
6AP Remote Services N/C
6CP Apple CarPlay Compatibility 300.00
6NW Wireless Charging N/C
6U8 Gesture Control N/C
6WB Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster N/C
6WD WiFi Hotspot N/C
840 Increased top speed limiter N/C
8KL Oil Chg 10,000 mls/12 months N/C
8S4 Variable Light Decoding N/C
8TN Daytime driving lights N/C
925 Shipping package N/C
9AA Transport protection N/C
ZAL Adaptive LED Headlights N/C
ZEB Enhanced USB & Bluetooth N/C
ZTM Tier 2 N/C
Accessories Z67 Wheel Locks - Spline Style 120.00
Accessories Total 120.00
Net Total 88,620.00
Total Suggested Price 89,615.00

Greg Angell

Thank you!

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Great price, should go fast!

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What are we looking at for 15k miles per year, with fleet discount and zero due at signing (i.e. Sign and drive)? I’m in San Ramon and you’re already my servicing dealer for my M2, so would love to pick this up if the numbers make sense.

Fleet is only for used i3 or new vehicles.

Changing for 15k and a true zero down, 920/month w/o Tax, 995/mo w/Tax.


What is included in the $3995 DAS?

Is that something we can fix (the miles)? @michael @littleviolette

Not sure, call Beverly Hills BMW. It is $4,995 DAS per the fine print if you qualify for loyalty.

Oh I’m not in the market I just wanted to know what the breakdown was since you were comparing it directly to this deal. $5,995 is a lot different than what you typed ($3,995). Plus an advertised deal is guaranteed to have other fees attached (the fine print does say title and tax not includes).

It is $4,995 per the fine print. Comes out to about the same pricing for a new car which is $3K more in MSRP…

The ad says $5,995 DAS and then $4,995 DAS. If you walk into the dealership on this ad I bet they will tell you it’s $5,995 Down Plus Drive Off. (Probably more than 10k down.)

I’m updating the post with a reduced price for this weekend.

So do they approve you based on the payment (DTI/PTI), or the they care more about MSRP of car?

Solid for a 7 series! That is much as a new A6 3.0T. Terrific deal.

Updated! $794+Tax to $799 w/ Tax.

Whose meeting me this weekend? :slight_smile:

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So does BMWFS approve you based on the payment (DTI/PTI), or the they care more about MSRP of car? 799 is not too crazy. That is how much a new loaded Genesis goes for :wink:

Credit Score / History… Approved Loan amount matters on MSRP of vehicle.

But with leasing, you are not taking out a loan for the full sum of the car, only Sale Price - Residual (in this case $28,764)? Right?
What if there is a 100k Maserati, going for 800 a month due to a huge discount. My friend got approved for a $560 Armada with only 35k stated income and 400 rent. Her history was ok, and score was in 700s, but no previous auto loan history. I would assume a person making 60-70k and having decent history (700+) would be easily approved for a $799 payment for a BMW 740i loaner (assuming no debts)? Or BMW approaches this differently?

Give me a credit application and we’ll find out. :wink:

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I don’t want a 7 series, or an $800 payment! A little too much for me in terms of size. I think they could approve me, technically. I have a 700+ score, have current lease on my credit also, 1% credit utilization, but only drawback is I have 1.5 years of total credit history, but it is quite varied…but it may be the reason for which they decline. I like the 540i a lot though haha.

They’re lending you the entire car and counting on you to return it when it’s due.

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So basically its like you are buying it??? I though purpose of the lease was to pay for only part of it, and not put such loan on yourself.