SOLD... 2018 BMW 530e M-Sport Loyalty MSD $0 DAS $475+tax

Alpine White
Black Dakota Leather

36 Months
61% residual
0.00193 after MSD
$2000 Lease Credit
$2000 Loyalty Credit
$0 DAS
$475 +tax

Without MSD $505 +tax

Without Loyalty but with $1000 Conquest
With MSD $503 +tax
Without MSD $533 +tax

College Grad Rebate of $1000 also available

Call or Text (818)210-8794


That’s a great deal especially for a M-sport!

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Where is this located ?

Look at the tags

Do these qualify for Federal Tax credit?

OL Code eligible? (No loyalty) Do you have MSRP info? Is this a loaner? Is it CVRP/Edison eligible? Thanks

Great deal, I can’t seem to find the car on your site. I thought there were no more new 18 MSport 530e’s left in stock

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I couldn’t either. @YourNextBMW are you posting these before they go up on the site?

Would have done this over my 3 series if it was available at the time. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

I’d assume it’d be on there since remaining 18’s have been sitting on dealer lots for quite some time now. Great deal for whoever gets it

Wow a $0 DAS and under $500 a month.

Yes also avail incentives for HOV and gov incentives.

One heck of a deal! too bad I don’t have loyalty.

What is the msrp?

I’m assuming it’s this demo unit. Great deal for someone!

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That one is listed as being at Steven’s Creek BMW in Santa Clara but perhaps you’re right. If it’s a loaner then no OL or CA rebate right?

is this socal only?

That’d be correct. And also the one thing keeping this car out of a lot of our garages right now :joy:

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If this car is indeed the demo unit the OP needs to update the first post and be more clear on what he or she is selling.

very misleading

yes… the cars are coming out soon. Speed to market

Long Beach

Without loyalty, it only changes the payment $28