[SOLD] 2018 BMW 530e M-Sport Lease Transfer | $70k MSRP | $631.98 per mo. plus tax. | $1000 DAS (includes BMW FS Transfer Fee) | 19mo/18k miles left on lease

Hello. I’m listing my 2018 BMW 530e for a lease transfer. I love this car, but a change in my situation dictates moving on to a different car. The car is awesome. Apple Carplay is a dream, the car drives like a champ.

MSRP on my example is $69,445 and includes such hard to find options as: Ceramic Controls (all the knobs are a rich deep black metallic vs. silver plastic); Harman Kardon Sound; and TurboCord Charger (this is a game changer, as it allows you to charge your car on 220v twice as fast as regular 110v outlets – you can still charge on 110, comes with both options).

The car is Dark Graphite Metallic on Ivory White, and has the following options (in addition to those listed above):
M-Sport Package 2, Driver Assistance Package, Driver Assistance Plus Package, Executive Package, Gesture Control, Apple CarPlay, Harmon-Kardon Sound, Multi-Contour Seating, Wireless Charging, and Heated seats.

I also upgraded the wheels on the car to OEM 7 series 20” 5 double-spoke wheels and tires, and am including the original 19” wheels (no tires) as part of the deal. There is some curb rash on the new wheels through no fault of my own (the local BMW scratched them during a service appointment). This is a $2,500 value. I also had the OEM front kidney grills wrapped in gloss black vinyl, the front orange corner markers and chrome pieces on the door handles wrapped in dark tint, and the rear lower valance wrapped in a gloss black to better contrast against the dark grey color of the car (all easily removable).

Further, I’ve also added some tasteful carbon fiber accents (all easily removable): a lower carbon fiber front valance ($1000 value); a carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler ($200 value), and carbon fiber mirror caps ($200 value). All are “eBay” parts and are not OEM BMW accessories.

And last, but not least: the car has RED CA Carpool Stickers good through 1/1/2022!

Car is garaged, non-smoker, no pets, no stains, no accidents, no issues (except the two minor curbed wheels).

Now the lease details:
The original lease contract is for 30 months and started 3/4/2018. The lease runs through 9/3/2020. The January payment has been made on the lease. The February payment is due 2/2/2019. Registration has been paid for 2019. There are 19 months remaining, including February.

The car had 36 miles at time of lease, and a total of 25,036 miles are allowed (10k miles/year). The car currently has 6,903 miles on the odometer (may go up as I do drive it about 15-20 miles a day to/from the office), leaving you with approximately 18,000 miles on the remainder of the deal.

Payment is $631.98 plus tax (my current payment is $680.96 including 7.75% Orange County tax).

I am asking the new lessee to pay me $500, and the required transfer fee to BMW (approximately $500). The transfer fee is made up of a non-refundable $100 credit check fee and $400 transfer fee due at time of successful transfer.

If you’d like any other questions answered, please send me a PM or a text to 310-779-4993. Lease transfer would be between new lessee and BMW Financial Services. New lessee must be vetted and qualified by BMW FS before transfer can be completed.

The vehicle is located in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Pictures: (feel free to text me if you’d like to see something I haven’t shown in the pics… weather is pretty crappy but I can get you what you need)

A picture of what the car looked like with the stock wheels and no mods:

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Can you please clarify when the lease expires? The numbers above don’t quite make sense…

Why didn’t you make them fix it?

You should post photos of how bad the curb rash is as well so there aren’t any gotchas.

This is by far the best looking and most perfectly optioned 530e I’ve seen. I was in the market for 530e and this is how I would have build it. (ended up going with I3s somehow)

@lakerholic , might want to fix your lease end date. lease run through 09/03/2020 I assume but you wrote 9/3/2018.

Also not to creep you out or anything but I think I’ve seen you couple times on Imperial and La Palma. Either that or someone else has grey 530e with 7 series M rims in Anaheim Hills area. =)

Good luck!

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Sorry… the lease started March of 2018 and is for 30 months through September of 2020.

Thank you for the kind words! And thanks for the catch; fixed!

And, lol! Yep, probably me!

Thank you. I didn’t catch it until a week after… and since it’s on the driver side, I realized it was them… but it’s minor… posting pics below.

Pics of Curb Rash (both wheels are on driver side)… excuse the poor quality, I literally walked out in the rain to take these… lol

you could’ve waited till the rain stopped lol.

That’s not so bad.

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You should be able to get it repaired for pretty cheap. A mobile guy from Tustin repaired my wife’s Lexus wheel for under $100. Let me know if you want his contact info.

Here are before and after shots of her wheel.

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Jon could you pm me the info? (or post publicly if it’s allowed as other OC folks would benefit)


Absolutely. Please PM. Thx!

I realized I didn’t post any pics of the carpool stickers.

They are below:

Beautiful car and pretty good price. It sounded like all mods were undoable? Whoever takes the lease may want to go back to stock before turn in.

Hope this goes to a good home. Didn’t realize you could option out the knobs inside the car. That’s pretty dope to do.

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Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

Everything is removable, including the tinted pieces. And I’m including the OEM wheels for that reason as well – if someone wants to take it back to stock before turn in, it’s a 30 minute job at most (except for the wheel part). The rear spoiler and mirror caps and stuck on with 3M tape, and the front lower valance is stuck on with 3M tape and four plastic rivets that pop out. Once removed, it will all be back to OEM.

Had a few people asking for pictures of the front seats. See below. The are the optional multicontour seats with thigh extension (you can see the front of the seat partially extended in the picture).

Gotten a few tire kickers… no one wants an amazing deal on an amazing car?? :slight_smile:

Price drop $500… reflected in title. Let’s get this one transferred! :muscle:

You should be in contact with a 702 number who is interested.

Yep. We have connected :slight_smile:

Transfer Pending.

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