SOLD 2018 BMW 530e $509/mo plus tax 0 DAS (SoCal)

Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719

I get A LOT of requests for 530e, so I’ve decided to post these ones separately from our BMW ad.

Which can be found here. :slight_smile:

Also 7 series and X1 Specials.

Since it is a NEW car, it still qualifies for BMW CCA, SoCal Edison, and CVRP!

NEW 2018 530e iPerformance

Jet black with Canberra beige: special edition, heated seats, park distance control, active driving assistant

MSRP: $55,845
Monthly Payment: 509/mo plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: 0
MF: .00177 (.00142 after MSDs)
Annual Mileage:10,000
Available Incentives: $2000 Lease credit, $2000 Loyalty included
Region: California Residents Only
Leasehackr Score:~12

Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719


  1. Can I have additional info?
    It’s laid out in the ad.

  2. Can I stack college grad and OL and USAA?
    Yes, 1k for grad, 500 for OL, and 250 for USAA.

  3. Can I do 12k/15k?
    Yes, 1% residual adjustment for 12k, 3% for 15k

  4. Is there conquest?
    Conquest is only on certain cars and it is typically less than loyalty so payments will go up a tad. Does not stack with loyalty. Any non-BMW vehicle qualifies.

  5. Can I have pictures?
    Due to nature of these deals, I cannot provide that.

  6. Do you have other cars like this?
    It would be at an additional cost for a color/option of your choice. I post the most aggressively priced vehicles as specials.

  7. If my brother’s pet dog’s friend’s owner has a BMW, does that count for loyalty?
    BMW loyalty is exclusively reserved for in household owners of BMW. Must be the same address. No I cannot just get you loyalty, please stop asking.

  8. Can it be shipped?
    For 300$, we can ship anywhere within SoCal, for this car ONLY.

  9. Which dealer is this located?
    Each car is located at one of our in-network dealers across SoCal. Due to phone calls our dealers have received, I cannot disclose dealer info without customer commitment.

  10. Do you guys work with other manufacturers?
    We do!
    Acura - BMW - Infiniti - Hyundai - Rolls-Royce

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Effectively $383+tax (or $411+tax with conquest) after $3,500 in post sale rebates for this. Great deal on a lower MSRP 530e.


1500 for CVRP, where’s the other 2k?

$1,000 from SCE and $1,000 from BMW CCA


Thanks :+1: Unfortunately SDGE doesn’t offer that same 1k. Great deal none the less!

UPDATED with better pricing, want this sold today!

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Are you sure the $509 includes loyalty? Looks like that’s conquest only based on a quick run of numbers

Curious how you’re running numbers without knowing the discounted price?

I read @LeaseHero’s mind :blush: (I also may be wrong)

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This is without msds, with msds is probably what gets you to the lower pricing you’re expecting I believe.

Ah ha. Thought that was the case.

This really should sell today. It’s as good as we’ve seen, if not better than every other 530e deal to date

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it definitely is, unfortunately im traveling and can’t pick the car until end of next week :frowning:

I’ve gotta say, I got some motivation from a previous post to be even more competitive :sweat_smile:. I won’t be beat in SoCal.

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Car is now SOLD