(sold) 2018 Audi A4 Aged Inventory Lease 1%

no longer available for sale

Can MSDs be applied?

cannot go lower than .00055 each is .00005

How is this a deal compared to similar 3 series or c class that lease for less? I don’t see it.

its a 1% on an Audi, its not a deal in comparison but a better car overall. Plus Audi is know for not being even close to the 1% rule

Audi has lousy leases. The A4 is meaningfully better than a 3er or C class? That’s funny. They’re all tasty ice cream flavors but neither of them is head and shoulders above the others.

Bad lease deals doesn’t help Audi.

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Dang. Audi’s do really suck at leasing… $500 for an A4. Sheesh!

@Jonathan I have to agree with you. The A4 is a much nicer car compared to the 3 or C class. I have rented all three and the tech on the A4 is head and shoulders above the competition.

100 more worth it? Some c class going for low 300s on loaners.

thanks, driving them back to back really shows the difference, this one is a quattro as well.

I get that you like Audi but the ice cream analogy above holds.

I have a 340 and pay the same monthly, plus got a $500 rebate from BMWCCA after all negotiations. With a very responsive and silky 300+ HP that is " head and shoulders above the competition", and phenomenal handling with the track handling package and 19s, it is a beast.

When I drove the Audi, I did like the Audi interior and tech WAY better than tired ol’ BMW’s attempts, but the drivetrain and overall driving characteristics of BMW are what keep me coming back to them. Others prefer interior and tech to drivetrain, I get that.

Now that MSDs and Euro deliveries and crazy-low BMW lease deals have dropped off (save for some loaner deals here that are quite juicy), Audi for me has become a serious contender (they make a manual A4!)

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A4 should have to be compared to 530 since lease payments often exceed the 5 series. I like Audis, but the lease programs are comically uncompetitive.

IMO the interior of the ‘18 a4 is better than the 3 or c class, and audi’s 4cyl turbo is the best in class as well.

However, I’d take the bmw 340 in a heartbeat over an a4.