Sold - 2017 BMW i3 REX. 249/mth (One pay required) 9 Months left - 1225 miles per month. NJ/NY/CT/PA

This is a Private transfer of a 2017 BMW i3 Electric with Range Extender. The car is Platinum Silver Metallic Color / Deka Dark Cloth w/Blue Highlights Interior. It currently has around 12,500 miles on it.

The current lease ends on 01/28/2020 and can be driven up to 24,131 miles so effectively more than 1225 miles per month for next 9 months.

I had a done a one pay at inception and will expect $2241 as a one pay ($249X9) and there is no tax on the vehicle in NJ. If you are in another state you will be responsible for your sales tax.

If comparing with a new one, add the total cost of inception (including broker fees if any) to the monthly payments and see how this compares. This is for someone looking to give Electric car a try and see how it fits their needs without too much risk and time commitment.

This will be a very good way to get BMW loyalty as well as you will be shopping for another car in next Jan-Feb when the loaner deals for 2019 model will be plentiful.

Vehicle : 2017 BMW i3 REX

Miles : 12,500 on it now. Lease end miles are 24,131 and the lease ends on Jan 28th 2020.
Miles per month : Around 1225 per month for rest of the lease. The exact miles will depend on when the transfer completes.

Features : The car has Navigation, heated seats, Sat Radio (You need to pay for subscription) and parking sensors. It is a base model so no leather or roof.

Free Charging : The car comes with BMW free charging at any EVgo (fast Charger) charging station till end of the lease. There are also Chargepoint chargers which get you free charging but not all of them are free.

I just filled the 2nd tank of gas in my car in the last 15 months we had had it. We get around 125/charge if driving in regular conditions but in Eco-Pro mode I have got around 150+ miles on electric charge only and then the REX can take you another 80 miles until you need to fill the car again.

There will a BMW transfer fees of $500 which you will pay. I can ship the car as well at your cost after full payment is received and the transfer is approved by BMW but I will prefer to deal with someone locally.

Current condition of the car is perfect with no curb rash or even a scratch on interior or exterior.
I will post the pics of the car soon.

Any questions about the vehicle, please PM me or ask in this post.



Hi, is this vehicle still available?


The car has been transferred and no longer available.

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