SOLD 2016 BMW m235i Coupe, Loaded, $464/month ($1,000 Incentive - Transfer fee and 500 direct)

50k msrp fully loaded, technology package, drivers assistance package, weather package, navigation

payoff is currently 31,983.22
payment is 464.01
mileage: 16k/36k - 13 months remaining (~1400 miles/month).

Lease ends April 2020. The transfer will be handled by BMW Financial and the process is very easy as long as both parties communicate well!

Optional: 19in staggered Ferrada FR2 wheels with toyo proxes (1k miles on them). 2.7k retail, will let them go for 1500 with tires (these will also fit 4 series)

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Location would be useful. Also may want to blur out your license plate…

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Sorry - first time posting. I am located outside of Philadelphia, PA. Also the transfer fee is 500 but there should be no down payment if your credit is good. If you pay the fee and get rejected, it is refunded.

I think it is $100 for application and $400 for transfer. If you get rejected, you still would have paid $100


I may have misunderstood. You might be right…

Willing to reimburse the 500$ fee upon lease assumption if that helps move the process!

Looks like a lot of fun! Sub 5 second 0-60 for under $500, and 1400mi/mo remaining. And it has back seats for the kids.

What’s the point of blurring out the license plate? I’ve never understood why. If I see the car driving down the road I can see the plate, so what’s the difference?


My general feeling has been that when I’m driving or walking down the street, no one knows who I am. But when I start posting additional information about my car or who I am, my license plate becomes another data point about me that I don’t want out there. Most people won’t walk down the street and write down a license plate number to lookup - on the internet, it’s just another browser tab.

Everyone is different, just my $.02.

To keep this on topic - this is a solid deal for a nicely equipped M235i with plenty of mileage left. OP should have no trouble moving this.


If I were in the northeast I’d consider this!

actually a good payment for this car with that MSRP, 2 series BMW don’t lease well. A lot of fun with a lot of miles, I liked my 228i a lot. I hope someone takes it.

Posting more pics would probably stir more interest.

that first pic looks really close to an M2…nice car!

Why get rid of it???

Moving to the city and unfortunately this car doesn’t bode well in those areas

sent you a PM…

Still available

Willing to bump up incentive. Will reimburse transfer fee and give 500. (1k total from on my end)

Make sure you update your title and OP to reflect incentive and payment changes. Much more likely to garner interest that way.

Thanks for the tip! Updated

Great deal on a 2 series given they don’t lease well relative to other BMW models. Extra wheels look clean too!