SOLD: 108k 2020 Bmw 745e 10 mo left @ $722 / mo + $2k DAS

Asking 3k + prorated monthly payment (just paid on 14th) to take over this unicorn.

This car payment is $500 under what you pay at a dealer and can be extended 60 days. Current payoff is 62k and 56k at maturity.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Bmw 745e
Location: irvine, ca

MSRP: 108k
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $722
Effective monthly payment: $1034

Current mileage: 25500
Maturity mileage: 33734
Effective miles per month: 833
Maturity date: 1/14/2024

MSD due (if any): 0
Cash due (if any): 0
Incentive for new lessee (if any): -3000

Financial institution: Bmwfs
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): maybe

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

see picture for options

2 minor accidents (front left headlight, hood/grille due to freeway object) both repaired through insurance.

Front tires replaced: 8/2022
Rear tires replaced: 2/2023
All maintenance completed on time

Car has minor scuffs due to its size and fitting inside my garage. just needs buffing to repair once agreement because part of reason I’m seeking is car barely fits in my garage.

Rims also have minor curb rash but won’t affect turn in.

I can send copy of preinspection report if there any concerns. Once handoff complete there wouldn’t be additional costs other than lease transfer ($500) and disposition fee ($350).


$1,110 effective payment ($3k down plus $500 transfer fee) assuming transfer time leaves 9 months remaining. I couldn’t call this a unicorn deal considering the effective payment. I still can’t wrap my mind around such a high MSRP car w/o DA+.

GLWT, but you may want to list on SAL. I’m not sure you’ll find a taker at that payment here.

(It would likely be worth the small investment cleaning/detailing the car before posting)


Thanks for feedback. What do you think is a fair ask for the car?

This is just my opinion, but I think it would start being attractive here at $1k due on transfer plus buyer paying transfer fee. This would bring it to an effective $899 payment pre-tax, which I suspect would bring you potentially more interest. I’m sure many will have an opinion on this.

I would keep in mind brokers on this site are offering the newly designed 2023 BMW 740i at roughly $1200/mo with $3-4k at signing.

Thanks for the feedback, but I’m thinking there will be a market for someone looking at a short term option who could save a lot of money on a loaded car compared to a new car with probably less options.

Feels like a terrible time to get a new car.

Maybe 3k is steep but I’ll keep an open mind.

@Phantomcypher might take it if you drop the DP.

Also I see the orange TRX in the background :laughing:


The OP is going to keep an open mind to receiving $3k DP from someone. Maybe @Phantomcypher could open his mind to convey said $3k DP to OP. :smiley:

He lives across the street from @drdvrgs :joy:


OP- Not to sound harsh here, but it is probably the worst deal I’ve ever heard of, I get the short-term rental part where it would be an expensive compared to going to hertz for example however it is not a strong deal for lease hakr if it was a strong one, you would’ve already had a bunch of comments!

I don’t think this is outrageous at all.

This $93k 740 just moved within a matter of days at $900/month:

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Sounds like we’ll first need a Delorean to get this lease transfer done :slight_smile:


It’s not my car. Price isn’t a steal but it isn’t horrible for someone who needs a short term lease. You get bmw loyalty which itself can worth be $3k toward next lease. Not a bad option as a holdover until new cars become more increasingly discounted

First and genuinely- best wishes for a speedy transfer.

@justlooking This isn’t a good lease and not a good deal with $3k down. But with the varied opinions, as you pointed out, someone may need a short term lease. If your scenario is correct, wouldn’t someone prefer a new BMW lease that’s super competitive, easily swapable, that they could swap out of when their need no longer exists? This would remove most maintenance costs since the maintenance doesn’t transfer.

As an example of a Pacific BMW weekend deal. They send them out regularly and most of the time they are not super amazing. In each case loyalty is needed, so that’s another factor. But this the origin of my opinion of this not being a great deal.

Two years ago if I saw an $1100 month 740i, I’d probably laugh

But today, it’s not horrible

I edited my post. I meant that paying $3k down can potentially get you up to 3k towards your next bmw lease because of loyalty. Trying to look at the bright side

I think starting a new lease, say a new 7 series, without footrests, it would be a hard transfer

You’d be stuck with todays high payment :rofl:


No disrespect, but that requires 5k down and lease loyalty for a car with a lower msrp.

You will save $500 for the lease transfer but still have to pay disposition at end, plus an addition down of 2k and have a payment $180 higher for 36 months instead of a lower payment for 10-12 months.

That’s 3k worse too without loyalty.

Maybe asking 3k das is a bit steep and maybe I’ll need to come down but I already have a lot of interest. I’ll let you guys know what it goes for if the transfer party doesn’t mind me sharing.

Car sold, negotiated 2k + transfer fee + prorate monthly payment via


Congrats to both buyer and seller