SoFla Meet 2022

Blessings FL people. Any preference for where to meet? I’m okay up to driving 90 mins round trip from Downtown Miami.

:sunglasses: unincorporated Dade in the house :raising_hand_man:

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Pinellas (Tampa Bay) here…so slightly longer than 90 minutes round trip for Mr @Batistuta to drive!

Does a crowded mall parking lot count if I can find one with a few puddles, some dusty areas, and speed bumps?

That’s the perfect definition

I think cars&coffee type deal would work best. Maybe a spot on S. Dixie Highway by Coral Gables, or Wynwood.

That or Ft. Lauderdale. Some nice spots there, too.

Mini meet with @TheBigTuna

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OMG!! Met up with @Batistuta today for a few beers while vacationing this weekend in South Florida.

Got to drive his beast :honeybee: . Thanks for the beers.

Now I need to reach @Clutch and order one of these :weary:

Thanks for the test ride. Got to rip this down A1A


He has a nice taste,
I like them THIC

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Sorry for the dirty car and the bad influence :slight_smile:


Y’all just giving the feds all our meet spots and contacts. :rofl:


I am planning on going to lazy springs park by the end ok August to do some off road, in case someone want to join.