SoFla Meet 2022

Blessings FL people. Any preference for where to meet? I’m okay up to driving 90 mins round trip from Downtown Miami.

:sunglasses: unincorporated Dade in the house :raising_hand_man:

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Pinellas (Tampa Bay) here…so slightly longer than 90 minutes round trip for Mr @Batistuta to drive!

Does a crowded mall parking lot count if I can find one with a few puddles, some dusty areas, and speed bumps?

That’s the perfect definition

I think cars&coffee type deal would work best. Maybe a spot on S. Dixie Highway by Coral Gables, or Wynwood.

That or Ft. Lauderdale. Some nice spots there, too.

Mini meet with @TheBigTuna

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OMG!! Met up with @Batistuta today for a few beers while vacationing this weekend in South Florida.

Got to drive his beast :honeybee: . Thanks for the beers.

Now I need to reach @Clutch and order one of these :weary:

Thanks for the test ride. Got to rip this down A1A


He has a nice taste,
I like them THIC

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Sorry for the dirty car and the bad influence :slight_smile:


Y’all just giving the feds all our meet spots and contacts. :rofl:


I am planning on going to lazy springs park by the end ok August to do some off road, in case someone want to join.


Shall we revisit this topic?

looking to show off your new ride?

Let’s do it.

will it be all 4xe’s?

You can bet I’ll be bringing my TRX.

In all it’s base glory.


I don’t have a car at the moment but I will find a way to make it.

Is a hellcat allow

Every vehicle is welcome. How is October 1st Saturday guys? I will make one last attempt. :slight_smile: