SoFla Meet 2022

Any interest in a South Florida meet before sun and humidity become unbearable? @spockvr6 & @mllcb42 feel free to drive down. :slight_smile:

I might be able to figure something out. I’ve been wanting to make a trip down to the Jupiter area to go diving as well. Might be able to time it for both.

If y’all are flexible, I should be within spitting distance of SoFla around the End of June-Early July. I was planning on doing a drive from DC to Orlando and @DG-X5 might even be in the area too.

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I am down let’s hit a trail to test this Jeeps.

If we are going to do that, there’s good easier trails close to orlando

That works for me I go once a month at least to Orlando anyway.

Sounds good let us know. @mllcb42

Hopefully we can meet earlier but for you we can always do another meet. @HersheySweet

I might bring a non-Jeep surprise car to the meet. :slight_smile: @Eldamian2505

Orlando would be a little difficult for me anytime soon but let’s keep all FL discussions here for now anyway. It would be easier to track.

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There is also trails at big cypress preserve, but you need a permit to get in,is 99 for the year.

I’m either taking a TRX or an undetermined faster vehicle. Either way, full steam ahead.

I’m not opposed to swinging down to Miami - I’m going with friends to Epcot for 2 days and I can always (temporarily) ditch them while they do universal or something. On timing - definitely! I’m actually flexible by a week or two during that time.

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When? I’m down.

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Let’s say April 23rd Saturday for now. @IAC 1 month is reasonable to plan something. If there is not enough interest we can postpone it to May.


I didn’t know I-4 counted as a trail but I suppose anything that tests the suspension and braking ability will suffice.

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Im down…. :blush:

Any interest from @mani_is_kool @Petrem @Eurocayman1

Trying to remember other FL members. Feel free to tag them here.

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Moved out of FL (sadly)!

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@Bacons_C.C is a floridian, no?

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He is! 202020

Will definitely be looking forward and love to meet everyone! But outside of Tri-county S. FL may not be possible for me till at least August. Either way going to follow this thread ! Glad this is happening.


A mini teaser how our meet will look like :sweat_smile: