SoCal x Orange County Meetup 12/12!

UPDATE 11.30: Planning on Dec 12th Saturday in Irvine at 10am- stay tuned!

Here’s a photo from our first LH meetup in March of 2017 in Tustin, CA. We had a fair turnout with our co-founder @michael . Since it has been over 3 years- we’re most likely driving something different now. It seems like appropriate time to have another meetup with our new wheels. Also I won’t be traveling this year for obvious reasons so it’d be nice to have a little local vacation. ALL CARS WELCOME! Please vote below! So I can start gauging a date.

Feel free to suggest some other times- but ultimately I work on weekends- and the real estate buy side is not showing any signs of slowing down. Most likely I’ll be suggesting meeting in Irvine, CA because of their ample parking, we can meet either at a plaza or in the OC Great Park parking lot.

Since we’re not always checking our LH inbox- EDIT GOOGLE FORMS NOT WORKING. Just resort to posting for now.

I’m looking forward to making this happen and meeting everyone!

Pick one or BOTH
  • Saturday 10-12pm
  • Sunday 10-12pm

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Yeah sorry I can’t show up in my base Jetta S when you guys show up in these LOL :smiley:


I’ll be there :partying_face:

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maybe I missed it but you are proposing Saturday or Sunday November 21st or 22nd ? Is that right ?

Count me in!

Last chance to drive a car before the Purge :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We’re not selecting a date yet. I’m just trying to gauge generally which day works best for people. On a Saturday or Sunday.

EDIT GOOGLE FORMS NOT WORKING. Just resort to posting for now. Just tested it’s not sending me anything unfortunately

I voted with my availability this week, frequently Saturday works too, Irvine makes sense.

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Great thanks. Probably first or second week of December? Anyone?

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The weekend of the 12th seems like ample time to schedule around :slight_smile:

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In and I will bring all my business cards for your family and friends!


This isn’t the place to argue about the finer points of covid. I’m sure whatever event will be planned in accordance with local regulations.

Alright everyone headcount I’m leaning on Dec 12th (Saturday at 10am) location will be in Irvine, CA - I’ll release the location as the date nears!


Really trying to steal the MSRP Civic business from Karl Utz. Not cool :laughing:


For those of us not in the know…

What exactly does one do at a LHF meet up ?

Do you share your latest ride and deal ? Or what ?

The same thing you do in PM, but in front of our unicorns (not behind their backs) :speaking_head::coffee::oncoming_automobile::dollar::unicorn:

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