SoCal VW Special Lease Offers

Send Me a PM Or Call/Text/Email me for a Private link.

Here is my info
858-956-9977 cell or text ok. (Please don’t text after 10PM or before 8AM)

Updated April VW Leases:


Why not post some of your deals? Without deals it seems a little scammy to me at least.

Not A Scam I Assure You.

thats how all scam starts , just kidding

it’ll be much easier if u can post some of it, there was a thread here with range rover/jag that did the same thing and he/she got bashed hardcore, just my 0.02

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Are you limited by VW as to what you can share publicly as an advertised price? We have seen that with other Manufacturers, so just trying to understand why you would not want to share the deals publicly.

I don’t believe we have had any registered dealer/brokers from VW.

I think this forum is all about transparency and the expectations are kind of high. So unless we see sample deals that you have it’s hard to say if a “Special lease Offer” is indeed special. As a reference, only 4-5 dealers (not brokers) on this forum post decent deals.

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If you truly are in the market for a VW, hit me up and I will send you a link, or even work a custom deal with you. I am not going to post specifics on this forum just for the sake of posting.

It’s not really just for the sake of posting; it’s to develop your reputation/credibility that you CAN provide leasehackr-worthy deals.


Ok let’s try 2018 VW Atlas SEL 4Motion with all the bells and whistles, should be around $50k MSRP, 10k miles per year please with absolutely zero out of pocket, Miami FL.

Then I suspect that you will not find this place will be the right forum for you to conduct business. The other dealers and brokers that are here (if you do some looking around) share their information with transparency, which is something highly valued.

Also, if one of us comes to you looking for a deal, you better bet it is going to get posted here for evaluation and attributed to you - and if it isn’t good, you’ll hear about it. Not a threat, just a fact.

I have the deals. Can’t post them here directly. I have created a spreadsheet. Contact me and I can send you a link. You can then share any info you like. I do not want to run afoul of the manufacturer. I do however want to sell Lease Hackers lots of VW’s. I hope this helps with transparency issues.

OK - that’s all we needed to hear. I suspect some of us will ping here shortly for the link.


I did go through the process to become a registered dealer on Lease Hacker. I just want to lease you guys some VW’s

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Sent you a message for the spreadsheet link.


Same as well. Interested in the new Tiguan

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This guy is a joke. I send a message asking for spreadsheet link.

Says to call him.

I say, I just would like the link.

Says to text him.

Clearly isn’t interested in actually selling any cars here. Not sure why you’d register on LeaseHackr if thats your business plan.

I cannot message the Link, If your actually read the thread you would would understand. Text me, and I will send you the link.

Amazing that every other broker on Leasehackr can post their pricing and specials…

If you can send it via text, why not copy/paste the link and send it via PM? I understand “not want to run afoul of the manufacturer” but something doesn’t add up here.

He can PM. He just won’t actually send the link.