SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Can I get the links as wel, please?

I’d like a new one pls, pm sent

Hi cody. can you please PM me the updated link? thank you

Hi Cody, please send link. Thanks

Can I get the new link as well please? Thank you!

Hey Cody, can I get the numbers/sheet on 2018 Rav4. My cousin is looking to get a new car this week. Thanks

Can I get the Link please

Can I get a link as well? thanks in advanced!

Hi can you please send July link, thank you.

Corolla LE Dropped by $10 per month on the Link FYI. Have a few of them left.

Let me know if you need the link! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi could I get the spreadsheet for the Toyota Deals? Thank you!

Can I get the link please

May I also get the July spreadsheet ?

Looking for the July Spreadsheet Thanks!

Hi Cody can you send me the new link as well?

Hi Cody, I’m also interested in the link! Thanks!

Is there much buzz over the new Corolla Hatchback? I have to say I love the XSE design (even if the engine doesn’t deliver on what the styling promises) there are a bunch of features to like about the new car. I’m guessing since it’s new it won’t be hackable for a while, just wondering if people have been asking about it. Hatches don’t seem to sell that well here but i’m a Brit and LOVE a hatch.

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Can I get the July link as well? Interested in a Rav4 or C-HR

A lot of people are excited about it. Looks good and the Carplay will be nice to have. Might need a month or two for some hackable deals on them. As Always I’ll be pushing the deals to the MAX

First one arrived today.