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If you’ve been on LH long enough, you’d know that @Cody_Carter is the go-to in SoCal for any Toyota deal. I picked up a 2019 Tacoma from him yesterday and everything went as smooth as can be. Highly recommended. :+1::+1::+1::+1:



Bought a corolla for a friend over the weekend and it was by far the best car buying experience . Thank you @Cody_Carter .

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Helped my dad lease a 2019 Tacoma, @Cody_Carter was great. Easy as car buying should be.



Ended up getting a totally diff car (Golf Sportwagen), but @Cody_Carter was responsive and gave me a quote on an extended warranty (I was thinking of purchasing a Camry) was literally 30% lower than what other dealers were offering.

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Got my 2019 corolla in November from Cody, great transaction. Great price, and we got a good deal on the lease protection add ons. Signing the papers took awhile, but since this was my first ever lease I’m guessing the signing time was normal for car deals. Got some free Subway while waiting though so that was extra awesome!

Thanks again @Cody_Carter

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Cody is the man, maybe even Superman. This guy makes time for you even if he doesn’t have time for himself, and actually cares about finding you a car that you’ll be happy with and saving you as much money as possible (at the same time). There wasn’t a question I asked that he didn’t have an immediate, clear answer for, and was incredibly helpful throughout the process of setting up my lease. The car I leased through him was posted by LeaseHackr on their Instagram for being such a great deal. If you’re in the SoCal area and are interested in leasing a Toyota, you’d be a fool not to at least look him up.


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Cody hooked up a totally painless and amazing deal on a Highlander Limited AWD for me WHILE HE WAS ON VACATION. I changed my mind a bunch of times and was an obnoxious customer, but Cody was extremely prompt and professional and the quote he gave me was exactly the number that showed up on the dealership paperwork. I flew in morning of, went straight to the dealership, and was out of there in 45 mins (all paperwork was already done, no sales pitch or games, nothing). Looking forward to getting a Tacoma or Tundra through Cody in the next couple of months.

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Got to meet this fine gentleman this weekend and picked up a Tacoma TRD off-road. The fact that you can call Cody up and get an amazing hack is what amazes me.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all negotiated with slimy dealers out there, and while the deals can be had for a lot of work, cutting through the BS and just working a simple deal feels…good man!

Thanks again to Cody!



Cody is truly a stand up guy. Leasing with him was straight forward and easy. He found me a Tacoma I liked, and honored the numbers from his excel spreadsheet that i’m sure you all are familiar with. I appreciate his no nonsense/no BS approach, I was in and out of the dealership in two hours.

The next time i’m in the market for a new car, I will give Cody a call.

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