**SOCAL ONLY** ~ We Buy Cars (Financed, Leased, Owned Out-Right) ~ Legends Auto Group 👑

We’re now buying cars!

Whether it’s leased, financed, or you own it out right
Payoffs sent out same or next day

Send us the following info:
VIN Number
Exact Mileage
Exact Payoff Amount
Do You Have Both Keys?
Are You Looking to Replace or Straight Sell?
Any Major Damages or Previous Repairs?

If you’re going to text us to sell a car you just bought a week ago solely to flip… don’t bother. We’re capable of ordering/buying a car brand new and flipping it too and can get deals that are just as good (if not better). :wink:

Text Gor (424) 278-8216 or Paul (818) 434-8063
Or Email: Contact@LegendsAG.com

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Some recently acquired cars

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Already got a few from Leasehackr… Contact one of us if you want to sell your car.

Text Paul (818) 434-8063 or Gor (424) 278-8216 with your vin and miles.

Just bought another trade in from a Leasehackr customer:

Contact us if you want to get rid of your car, buying ALL makes and models.

Paul at (818)-434-8063 or Gor at (424)-278-8216

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Just took in a few more trades towards new cars. We are buying all trades as long as it makes sense

Are you buying leased Volvos?

Bought these both off of Leasehackr customers in the last few days. Contact us if you want to sell your car, we are buying all trades as long as it makes sense

Paul at (818)-434-8063 or Gor at (424)-278-8216

Another happy Leasehackr customer… Sold them a new car and bought their old one. Contact us if you have a car to sell.

Can Ford and Volvo leases be bought?

Not Volvo for sure

Ally leased car, or Ally released title (if I buyout my car)? Not sure if I sent you a msg before to ever check.

We can buy all leases as long as it makes sense.

Acquired yesterday
2022 911 Turbo