🥳 SoCal Mercedes Benz NEW Lease Specials (November)

Hello Hackrs,

My name is Calvin Zhao, Sales Representative here at Mercedes Benz of Foothill Ranch. I have helped many LeaseHackrs with various deals over the last year.

If you want a personalized quote on a vehicle, I would need the following informations from you.

Stock #:
Zip Code:
Employer for Fleet:

Here are some of the deals we have going on:
Numbers are based on 36 months lease : 10K miles
Current Winter Incentives are already added however you can add Fleet to these deals.

Please text me for Faster Response: (949)576-5465



These deals aren’t even close to Leasehackr worthy.


LeaseHackr worthy deals or Unicorn deals would most likely achieve on one off ex-loaner vehicles. These are the specials that I am offering LeaseHackr clients. They are very aggressive number out of the gate.


Whats the current buy rate Money Factor on a c300 rwd sedan?

Do you have any deals on the 2019 GLA 250?

These are pretty good deals for new cars :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… People really need to stop bashing each other on this forum.


And Foothill is a solid dealer. Quality people there, no BS.


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I am trying to navigate your dealerships website but having a pop-up every 10-15 seconds and then trying to close it for only another one to pop-up is super annoying. You might want to mention it. I will PM you the one car I would consider and we will see if we can make a deal. Thank you


I told them about that a week ago. They are trying to figure out what it is :frowning:

I thank you on behalf of my mom for great experience at your dealership, no bs and quick! Nice deals as well. =)

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I’ve done business here and with @Calvin.MBFR before. It may not be the “best” deal as some of our seasoned hackrs may have come across in the past but it’s a good start. Calvin tries his best with what he’s got so let’s not kill the messenger.


Isn’t that A220 deal the best on LH so far? A few weeks ago they were way over 1% on here.

Do you have any 2020 CLA 4MATIC

I have sold many Mercedes Benz to clients from LeaseHackr. These are very aggressive deals out of the gate. If you want a loaner vehicles that I dont have, I cant get one for you.

Calvin has posted some great deals on here. I’d have to qualms about using him if I was in the market for an MB, but as with any dealer/broker, it’s good to compare the deal vs others when you’re in the market.

Can you quote me on a:
'19 or '20 GT 63 Sedan
Diamond white exterior (MUST)
Carbon Rear Wing (MUST)
Comfort Seats Beige/Blk (Ideal)
3 Year Lease at 15K/year
Small Down
San Bernardo County

Please let me know what you have available and the best Leasehackr deal.

Amen to that. I recently bought two cars from MB Foothill Ranch and their service and pricing were way better than any dealer in SoCal.

Hi. Can you please get me a quote on the s550

Thank you.