[SOCAL Lease Transfer] 2018 BMW i3 REx -- $327/mo+tax

Cash Incentive: $1000
Down payment from you: $0 (I will not be asking you to cover the down payment that I paid at signing).
Payment before taxes: $327.87
Lease term: 19 months left out of 30 months contracted
Lease due: September 29 2020
Current Mileage: 7820
Miles allowed: 25,000

2018 Alpine White i3 REx
EAS coding (increase Fuel Range, HOLD MODE for REx, some other functions)
Parking sensors
Rear camera
Level 1 charger, 2 keys, manuals
No pets and smokers have been in this car
First service was performed 1/4/2019 (engine oil and wipers changed).

Car is currently located in Pasadena, California

Please message me for any questions. Thanks for looking!


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Does this have the carpool sticker ?

Do you have interior pics? My wife might be interested. Thanks.

Lease assumption pending!

Has this car been leased ?

Bump! previous deal fell through. car is back on the market!

Car recently got carpool stickers, just haven’t had the chance to put them on yet.

Hi Henry, is this still available?

is this car still available? i am in Los Angeles. would be great for one of my kids. how do we get in touch?

Still available!

Sending you a PM!

how do we connect.
do i need a special charger? or do you supply that
can i assume the seats are leather?

Just PM’d you.

Any chance this is still available?

Any chance this is available? I also live in Pasadena. Interested in picking it up this weekend.